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Very good! Quality content!

Good pixel art!

Almost none, it is R7, and R10 or R11, those come more nourished.


The original was HS1, this is HS2, far superior in many ways; HS1 needs a lot of mods to try to correct lighting, and it takes ages just to load, but as the previous PC was a toaster, it works very well.

With the new PC; which is not "Uff" either, but it is more up to date, HS2 works fine (in all respects).

Uh, the android versions are not official (I don't know if I've put it) I'll check with the one who made the port, thanks for the heads up!

At the moment this is V0.3 (for patreon) and I'm working on 0.4, so I don't know if it can be fixed (since the source code is much more updated and modified).

Thank you very much! since it came out I've had a lot of aggressive criticism, it's good to know that there are people who like it and follow the stories!

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It can be seen as an individual thing, but if you know Love MorteM you will understand the background much more.

It can also be seen as Dhalia's childhood (but the story doesn't focus on it, i.e. not all routes).

Yeah! especially in games like Love MorteM, the truth is that the part of the institute believed that there were not so many errors, I definitely should have waited a little longer (at that time) and made a deeper beta tester)

Thanks for reporting! 0.7 has several of these bugs fixed!

Unfortunately, I didn't realize there were so many of them!

I've been correcting some of them, but the chats are hard to follow, I'll fix them little by little!

Thank you! I'm with LMR, so I'll see this list to see if I can eliminate some of those bugs you mention, thanks!

hahaha! Even those details go unnoticed!

Thank you! yes for itch is difficult to communicate!

But the report helped me! I don't think I can correct everything! Especially the translations, but between versions I will correct them.

The night on the beach with Miriam, and Eli in the gym at night I had no mistakes, but the point and click are like that; they are a nightmare in possibilities!

Now stop correcting to update the upgrade, again, thanks for the reports!

I haven't gotten to the translations yet! I have corrected quite a bit of the other stuff; except for 2 things that I still haven't gotten the error.

With the translations, as far as I can see (when translating what you put) there are verbs and ways of speaking that we use here (Argentina) that are correct; I try to make a "neutral" Argentine, but many verbs, the translator might get confused (because if I take the translated text and pass it to Spanish, it comes out as Spanish from Spain, and it loses a lot of the grace of the way of expressing, especially Lina, Melissa, Evelyn or Frezzita".

I will correct the translations little by little, for now I am still looking at the other mistakes!

Thank you!

I update! Thank you! Some of them have already been corrected!

I was looking for several of the errors, both in the script and in the gameplay and I've been disoriented! do you have any save of when any of them happen? it must happen at specific times, if you have it I would appreciate it; if you have discord I'll add you. thanks!

Hey, thanks a lot, I had not reported any of these errors, I'll check them out!


I don't think there is a full-fledged Fendom, but the most similar in the first instance is Frezzita, and then Lina; both with strong character "and go to the front", then there are others but no H-scenes yet.

No problem!

I think, if I'm not wrong, there is only one .exe (in another version there was .exe 32, which in some pc could fail); just in case it is Mac?

Maybe something happened while downloading and the file is corrupted?

Even if it doesn't give you a warning message is the most disconcerting thing!

I hope that when I upload 0.5 there won't be any problem.

See you!

Maybe, something of the antivirus? the truth surprises me, now this the 0.5 for patreon, but I have not been notified of anything, even for the 0.4 has a bug, but already advanced the game.

Tales From The Shadows :

Is an adult dark fantasy visual novel spinoff of Love MorteM.

In it you will play a young man, who has a peculiar family that he hardly knows, since his mother has been trying to keep him and his sister away from that family environment.

Unfortunately for Angela (his mother), he has gotten into trouble and must turn to his family.

There shouldn't be any problems, you don't get any error messages or anything?

Uhh that's weird! are we talking about the windows version?

Renpy is generally accessible for many pc's, is it too old? Because, what can happen that it has a lot of videos, and so on, this makes it hard to start, it seems that the game does not start, but suddenly appears.

Uh, try rollback! if it catches, hell, I'll try to get the new version out as soon as possible!

Yes, I have been notified of this error, thank you!

It's a renpy problem, I hope to fix it as soon as possible!

Maybe I'll do an intermediate update fixing that bug (and with more content, which I'm already working on) Try "ignore" to see if it's solved!

Yes! LM (Original), No the truth the remake is a re interpretation of this game; if you like this one and want to try it you can search it in F95.

It's not the same story, exactly the same, but the remake (logically) is based on this one.

Thank you very much indeed!

No problem! usually the updates come out something like "Major Update"; but I know it could be confusing the list of changes in the update.

Recently a patron is in the highest Tier (he is entitled to the update 4 weeks earlier), that's why it will take a little longer for the update to be released.

Hey, how are you?

Maybe it didn't look good; the Dvlog is info of the 0.4, at the moment it's for Patreon (I estimate that on August 17th will be the public version).


✠ Chris Eman ✠#3176

This is my Discord nickname; if you want, please tell me your nickname and I'll add it.

Sure, or Discord? which is more fluid there?

Ariza is a very important character, even outside of relationships; this is a remake, and that part of the story is told (now you live it and understand more how it affected the MC).

At one point I hesitated to do something alternative, but first I should finish this canon path, and all its variants.

About the helmet, yes, I knew it later; I have to check it out since the engine's assets come from everything; depending on how it turns out (which for now doesn't give much hope, at least not immediately) I'll see if I can continue and improve in terms of assets or graphic engine, maybe 2D.

The translation, is what I can do at the moment; at the moment a fan is translating it to Portuguese; maybe someone likes it so much that he wants to correct the translation to English, greetings!