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Thank you very much! with the complex history even in your native language, I feel sorry for the players from other countries who try so hard to understand everything!

I am currently talking to a translator to give me a hand with the corrections.

Ese lo saque igual que los spinoff, esto es como un "Flashpoint Paradox", a partir de aca iria haciendo spinff, secuelas, si veo que hay apoyo (no hablo de monetario, si no calificacioens poitivas, etc, sentir que no es vano todo el trabajo)

Hey thank you very much!

I'm going to check out those errors in the codex entry and those that I missed translating!

The mulato thing, originally it's "chiruza", but I didn't find a translation to that, it may not be the most accurate either, it's not racial, but if it's like treating it as less, low quality, it's very colloquial.

The "He / She", is a big problem because I miss it in the translation chains, just pray that some kind soul will ever make a decent translation (in fact this one causes a lot of headaches already!).

Thanks for reporting the bugs!

No, de hecho es español nativo (latino).
Ahora veo de agregar en castellano algunas descripciones, para que no parezca que es solo ingles.

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Love MorteM ReborN

Totally from 0, in fact the first part could even be considered a "prequel DLC", another graphic engine was used, it is not the same story (but there are the main characters, and in general the most important events).

The mechanics are similar, but more polished, the changes by decisions will be seen in the short and long term.

Thank you very much! 

Hi! I have managed to integrate your code, I like the way it looks, but I have a problem!

I don't know how to mark it for Renpy to translate it!

When I add _( ), in different ways it gives me error, and if I leave it without that (like any dialog) Renpy ignores it when translating it!

thanks in advance!

No de nada!

Como estas? Bien? Ahí te deje un lik donde explico lo de la brújula, esta en ingles pero hay imágenes.
Básicamente cuando equipas la brújula, fijate que el icono de la mochila, se transforma en una puerta. 

The Seamstress
  is a Visual Novel for adults.

It contains NSFW but does not focus on it, the story is set in a cyberpunk world with touches of dark fantasy and suspense.

It is a prequel/spinoff of Love MorteM.

General Characteristics:

-Adult Visual Novel / Graphic Adventure.

-Multiple endings

-NSFW +18 / Erotic / Paranormal/Cyberpunk.

-Renpy / 3d Renders / Animations.

The Visual Novel is in native Spanish (Latin American, Castellano).

It has an English translation, but for the moment it is a translator's translation, sometimes it is corrected, but unfortunately, I do not have it.

The project is in development.

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The Seamstress  is a Visual Novel for adults.

It contains NSFW but does not focus on it, the story is set in a cyberpunk world with touches of dark fantasy and suspense.

It is a prequel/spinoff of Love MorteM.

General Characteristics:

-Adult Visual Novel / Graphic Adventure.

-Multiple endings

-NSFW +18 / Erotic / Paranormal/Cyberpunk.

-Renpy / 3d Renders / Animations.

Thank you very much!

Yes, it's a real shame about the English, later a friend will help me to correct the translation, but sometimes I'm left with only the translator (deepl).

The story is already complex in Spanish, that must be why the translator fails there or leaves very cold sentences without depth.

LM already exceeds 100 K words and if you see my Patreon you will realize that I can't pay someone to correct everything (they charge in dollars). 

This VN is about to finish and there is already a sequel / spinoff, that one is translated just like this one, I'll see if my friend can help me.

But, he's not native, he just gives it a review and tries to accommodate those things.

He does it for free, so I can't "pressure" him with time and he helps other devs too.

In the end they ended up complaining the same on other forums, and that's when I decided not to bother him anymore for these projects.

I can only hope that someone will ever do a professional English translation Mod!

In another of my VN a group of fans have translated into Italian, so it's not so crazy! (although it's a lot of words!)

I try to compensate for the quality by "putting a little bit of cool" to the renders, my pc is a toaster!

Thanks for commenting!

Thank you very much indeed!!!

Hey, I have been notified recently that for android that mini game doesn't work (on pc you must touch the space bar); (I don't port it) in the next update I will make that test optional so you can skip it.

Thank you!

I never thought about it, but I have seen that they have been lost in some parts, so I will most likely do more than a guide, the key parts where players usually get stuck.

Most likely, it will come out in the next update.

It's just fantastic, is it part of a game of yours?

¡Muchas gracias! Lamentablemente estos últimos meses fueron muy duros, y cada actualización que subía venía acompañado de muy malas calificaciones, voy a intentar darle un cierre o terminar al 0.9 y quizás darle un paro al NSFW por el momento.

Gracias por el apoyo de siempre!

Es muy bueno! muy inmersivo y lleno de detalles, por momentos parece un juego que se aleja completamente de renpy (sin desmerecer  al las VN clásicas, pero en cuanto a la atención del detalle).
Vale la pena probarlo!

La música contribuye al ambiente, es una de los mejores aspectos del juego,  a gusto personal, la historia en sí no es de mis favoritas, pero se hace interesante el como lo va llevando y no se hace denso para nada!

The BlueprintRequieM

Spinoff de Love MorteM, hecho para la Jam Junares 2021.
Fantasía Oscura - Suspenso -NSFW

If you don't have money for professional help, you can always count on the help of the church or public institutions.

Greetings and I hope you get better!

The resolution is 1920 x 1080... The rest is subjective, my dear.

Not to mention that I've seen that you go through most of the games to leave negative comments...

All good at home, if you need help with your life, you can seek professional help.


La 0.6 ya salio hace casi un mes! ahora esta la 0.7 por salir (si no se retrazan las cosas)  a princicpios del ems que sigue. es mucho mas grande que la 0.6.


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Hey muchas gracias! Pronto saldra la V0.6! Conozco varios devs latinos, pero nos e si sus juegos están español, de los que recuerdo:

Really good!

Thanks! I also bought another one from a city affected by a plague which is very useful!

The "pre-made" rooms are a blessing for me! they make it so much easier!

Now a question, is there any chance that you will ever release "pre designed" terrain to build the city? like the streets, etc? and (I take advantage) I remember that some years ago you published some very interesting resources, I remember for example a barber and an "evil pumpkin" these came even with some render (which for a visual novel is fantastic!)

but I haven't seen them anymore, will you bring them out again at some point?


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Thanks for the rebate! I've looked very fondly at these assets but could never get enough to buy them!

I'm making a visual novel / adventure game and I've earned a few bucks, I've invested them in those tiles, I'll see if I can manage to adapt them to renpy in my next project!

This is great! A great homage to that cult B-movie.