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missed opportunity for a wordplay like "catventure" :D

otherwise great game

damn... that's one hungry cat! It barely makes a difference whether the cat eats a bowl of rice or not. otherwise good game

Great Game

Nice game, I especially love the music. Maybe you could add a score and a button to exit the game.

Awesome Game. I especially love the art of the game. The Wyrm looks incredible. Maybe you could add the Key [W]  and  [ArrowUp]  as a Jump- Button 

Hm, ok. I think I understand your point.

Thank you for your feedback. This game really DOES need a tutorial. I just havn't managed it in time for the Beginners Circle Jam.

What do you exactly mean with different icons?

Great Game!

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Sorry for that. I messed up the resolution of the game. I think I have fixed it now.

Turns out i messed up the resolution of the game :P 

I think i fixed it, but if you have any problems with it nonetheless, then consider using the download

Thank you for your feedback. I found out why the browser-game had such a weird resolution and fixed it.

Nice game! But it gets hard very fast.

Maybe you could add a key or a button to reset the level, since sometimes it takes some time until the game resets the level. Plus i recommend to use the mouse to control the cannon. You could use the mousewheel to adjust the strength.

Glad you liked it.

I tried to  make somewhat of a tutorial with the first 2 level. (in the first you need to let the star explode, in the second you need to push the planet). But I guess i need to make the tutorial more direct, like a sign which says how to play the game


Maybe I could send the Doctor to make them run faster ;D


The third level is indeed a large jump in difficulty. 

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Did you have problems with the resolution with the game? I have the problem that some parts of the screen are cut in the browser-version