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Oh, no! Damn you, Windows! (T_T)

¡Quedouvos ben chulo! 

E que ben coñecervos :) 

Number 6, my brain fizzles! 


Loved the theme, the voice acting, the attitude of the Frank Beaumont! Strong Broken Sword vibes <3<3

While is works perfectly as a little short story, is also something worth expanding, if you ask me! Thanks ^_^

Very smart! And what a nice set of animations.

As a "quality of life" touch, I think I would refine the way the game stops when you're fiddling with the panels: maybe allow the game to go into a 'witch time/bullet time' by pressing a button, so you can think on your next move. Mmm, I don't know.

Excellent game. Thanks ^_^

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The gameplay style works for me in the same way as confort food does, and it is so nice that one can build on top of that cute little stories such as this one. 

Very touched by the ending. Thanks ^_^ 

Very nice scaling idea; Extremely nice color palette; Superb physics.

Pool games are always a win!