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Can confirm this gets you the good ending!!!

This is literally the best demo I've played on here, I am so excited for the full game to be released! I love all the love interests because they are written so uniquely and the writing overall is phenomenal. I love the art and I love this Demo beyond belief!

I got the same message every time I've tried to run the game. I haven't found a way to fix it either, I had to just download the game

I loved this game! It was really well done and I loved the subtle changes in dialog the more you played! I was able to get all three endings on my own which is good, and uhm ik he's supposed to be the bad guy BUT my gaslighting CEO is kinda fine I will not lie...

I loved this so much. The visuals are amazing and I love the character design! The part where things get a bit... intimate... I wasn't expecting BUT it made sense and fit into the story really well and didn't feel forced, at least through my play-through.

I LOVED THIS. I love clowns so that obviously helped BUT I love the visuals and game mechanics, it's intuitive and interesting to poke around the further you progress in-game. A good quick play!

I got the 5th ending in my first playthrough, I'd love to get all the endings but I can't be mean to possibly the most genuinely kind person! I loved this game so much, and Strawberry and Strawbunny are now my favorite people in the entire world!! I felt so emotional playing especially when I read through her diary I shed very manly tears. Amazing game 11/10 for sure!

I LOVED this!! I'm always a fan of simple and silly games like this, very enjoyable! Hope more are made in a similar fashion.

fun and silly game 10/10, broke boy certified

"Alright, I'll smooth talk my way outta here;)"

*Mood: H*rny*


This was a really good game though. I like the art style and the dialogue was interested and entertaining to read for all endings!

59 seconds was my best time! love the game super cute!

This was super fun and cute. Wasn't super hard but hard enough where I wasn't constantly frustrated or stumped on what I needed to do next!

Wow, this hit close to home... I can't put my feelings into words well but I really hope that this game and therapy is helping you heal<3

Loved the voice acting and narration! It's a fun game that gave me "The Stanley Parable" vibes (And I love that game so it's a compliment!). I don't know if you're thinking of expanding this OR creating similar games but I really did enjoy this, so thanks for making it!

My complaint exactly. I hate when games just have the screaming jumpscare because it isn't even the good type of scared and uneasy feeling it's just... a loud scream

Okay, this is just me but the questions building suspense made me feel uneasy and a little paranoid which is what I love about horror games and I thought "Wow I'm happy this can create this kind of environment without jumpscares!" and I was so disappointed at the end... besides the not very scary jumpscare the rest of the game was really good and simple!

Me and the homies at work :') I didn't know this was about transphobia and I was like "Oh this hits so close to home" Really good game and related way too much to it...

This is honestly so cute and fun! I got ending 5 and I'm happy I got that ending 


idk how to spell :,) 

Dude this was so good!!!