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Really awesome game! Good story line and makes me very curious about what is in the future! Thank you for the good play. :)

This was both super cute and easy to play - and very engaging. It was such a cool concept (the magic) and hearing the bits and pieces of the story outside the tavern leaves just enough for the imagination. Very good game!

Beautiful music and visuals! Very peaceful! My issue is far more personal and nothing to do with this lovely content, but the colors had my visual sensory stuff going 'eeeeeeh' throughout the whole thing. Pretty to leave on in the background though and chill with some peaceful breathing! Would recommend for others, just not for myself! :)

I think it served a very good introduction! You did a good job!

A very cute game! I have no knowledge of the world or universe it takes place in, but I could follow the story very well. It was really well executed and written. I found it amusing it was a play for children, however. XD Really cute, really cute.

On the last day - sorry, the first day - when there wasn't an alarm on waking up option I was so, so happy. 

This is a beautiful, emotional game and truly a master piece. It had such an original design and was very thought provoking. The sounds and particularly the song at the end was very immersive. Good game, very good game.

Really lovely. A cute little game. I found the secret path by mistake and only after did I go back and hit the dead end. I love how this game is so respectful. :)

Recently I've been sending letters to friends in far away places - but I've also noticed that I've lost touch with old friends I used to do the same with. I think about them often, but I don't even think they're at the same address anymore. But I hope - someday - that I'm able to reconnect with them. 

This game makes me feel all that 100 fold. Which is very, very good. Thank you for making this.

This is one of the best games that I have ever played and I loved going all over the place on the map. It was such a stellar game and my favorite here. I particularly enjoyed the ending. It was such an interesting way to end a story like this.

Some wonderful people posted playthroughs so I am very glad I have gotten to see those! I intend to keep trying to get the game to work - as I said it's clearly my computers processing power and if I fiddle with the settings I can probably work out a way to make it work out. :) Thank you very much for the reply! You have a great day as well and I hope you and the rest of the original dev team are having a good time where you are currently!

Beautiful, beautiful game!

Pity I keep getting stuck on story 2. It is very clearly my computer that's having the issues, not the game. Honestly though, I don't mind I have to keep replaying story 1. Some day I'll get there.

Until then, beautiful, beautiful game!