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Story grew on me as I went. ;)

The music was really nice too!

Very nice! Short, sweet, but to its point.

Very nice little game!

XD That took far longer than I expected, but I worked it out eventually! 


Sweet story and very sad. Gameplay is a liiiiiittle tricky, but not horribly so.

Fun, but managed to win just by fast clicking enough vampires into one house. Still a great concept and a fun game! I just got scared the vampire hunters were getting too strong so I tried the fast clicking option, heh.

Might be stupid of me, but I can't seem to close the book.

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Oh fun! I missed the fact there was a soundtrack to download as well! I appreciate that this is here. :)

When you're the sort of person, having traveled halfway through the game, who turns back just to make sure the fire is out. XD

I did indeed! Thank you for the wonderful experience! 

Well, I am happy to report that my old and sad computer crashed. The new computer that I just got runs the game really well and I was so happy that I got to finish it!

Loved this game so much! Just the right amount of challenging! 

This was a great experience! Certainly a fun time and I appreciate the ability to play it. It took me ages to work out how to get the blue cube to the top of the ledge. XD I had to glitch through the box and only after working further did I realize I could move it! Ha ha.

By the end I was squinting at the screen. Major agility course. Good game! Not my usual style.

Ha ha! I did not see that ending! Really good execution of this! Really nice!

Loved, loved, loved this. So simple and yet so fun!

Oooo! Very haunting!

Very good visual game! It was very enjoyable!

Well made game. Lovely design! Would recommend but not personally my style. :)

Cute game! Liked the story, but got a bit slow for my tastes. :) Still enjoyed it.

Liked it, but wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. Will like to see more from the universe regardless and enjoyed the art a lot! 

I played this while drinking tea and it was so chill. Very good game, love the characters! Thanks for the good play!

Alright. I have ... so many words about this game. 

Let's start with what was *actually* supposed to be in the game:

The narrator character was super handy and liked how that worked out. Wouldn't say that they're comic relief like the description does, but I would say hands down that they are a good way to not interrupt the game with instructions. The design of Nýr is. so. cute. I loved the way that he moved and what he could do. The bright trails of light from the antlers were particularly good.

The little lore stones throughout the game were very cool as well. Speaking as a fan of Norse Mythology, I slightly geeked out over them. The flowers were an interesting touch. Most gaps were easily jumped without them, but when they were there just in case I appreciated it. But back to the stones with info on them. I didn't notice any for Jorumgandr. Could have missed it, of course, but I expected to see one by his skeleton.

By the end of the game, I was in love though. Exploring *after* green was brought back to the world had to be my favorite part (particularly since I went straight to the World Tree). I ran everywhere - twice. 10/10, would play the real game again.

Which is where I come to the part which was clearly not part of the game, but had me joyfully playing for at least two hours.

Upon going back to the end, in view of the World Tree, I found out there was a weak spot in the invisible wall directly behind one of the trees to the right. Upon falling down the drop off on the other side, I temporarily freaked out, then just assumed that it was part of the game, since the floor was still supporting me and everything still looked okay. After running around a bit, I learned that I really had clipped through the wall, but for the next 2 hours I had a really, really great time looking at everything from the other side. My final goal, I decided, was to try and get up to the World Tree. Which I did manage! It took me a bit to find the right way up the side of the "mountain" it was on, but I did it! And then, because why not, I got out of it again and went to go see what would happen if I jumped off the edge of the world. So I did. And that's where I ended it. Because it was awesome. 11/10, would break the game again.

You did an absolute fantastic job - I can say that because I saw a lot of the pieces very close up and they were still fun from that position too. Nýr was so, so cute (loved his eyes and braids). And the gameplay was fun! Thanks for such a wonderful game!

Very nice game! As soon as I got to the room with the drawings in it, I at once though 'oh! this park is actually in someone's mind!' I think the little drawings really tied that up. :) Also, chasing ghosts and other ghostly creatures was rather fun!

Controls on a keyboard were a bit rough and the character was slow moving/turning, and I ran into a couple of invisible walls which I'm fairly sure weren't supposed to be there since I could walk around them and they were within the safe part of the park. But it didn't really bother me. :)

It amused me that the trees turned to accommodate you as you walk past. That was a nice touch. Made it feel dreamlike.

First time through I didn't even realize I was being chased until I was attacked. XD

Fun game! I liked trying to find all the small torches to light! Very nice set up too. Good job! Liked it a lot.

Nice game! I ended up getting stuck in a glitch - a phased through some tree branches but was unable to get out after being hit by an owl - but otherwise the game was very, very good!

Nice, simple game with some cool music! Pretty fun!

Good game! Fun, and still took me several tries to not die!

Beautiful, beautiful game! It's interesting as a storyline! Fun little play!

These are just a bunch of cute, small maps which are fun to walk through.

I particularly liked the last two. They had a beautiful atmosphere. 

Cute little game which was fun to play. Should probably only played for a quick 3-ish to 5-ish minutes, since it can get a tad boring in large amounts. But overall a really cute game. I can see younger kids liking it. :)

Beautiful, engaging story! I found the background sound and voice very peaceful and chill. Also the little story around the narrative made a very thought-provoking point. Particularly since I'm currently writing poetry for my class!

Really awesome game! Good story line and makes me very curious about what is in the future! Thank you for the good play. :)

This was both super cute and easy to play - and very engaging. It was such a cool concept (the magic) and hearing the bits and pieces of the story outside the tavern leaves just enough for the imagination. Very good game!

Beautiful music and visuals! Very peaceful! My issue is far more personal and nothing to do with this lovely content, but the colors had my visual sensory stuff going 'eeeeeeh' throughout the whole thing. Pretty to leave on in the background though and chill with some peaceful breathing! Would recommend for others, just not for myself! :)

I think it served a very good introduction! You did a good job!

A very cute game! I have no knowledge of the world or universe it takes place in, but I could follow the story very well. It was really well executed and written. I found it amusing it was a play for children, however. XD Really cute, really cute.

On the last day - sorry, the first day - when there wasn't an alarm on waking up option I was so, so happy. 

This is a beautiful, emotional game and truly a master piece. It had such an original design and was very thought provoking. The sounds and particularly the song at the end was very immersive. Good game, very good game.

Really lovely. A cute little game. I found the secret path by mistake and only after did I go back and hit the dead end. I love how this game is so respectful. :)