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Very cute!

Heck yes! Just got paid, so this is perfect. I was looking forward to reading some of your stuff at some point. :)

Good luck with the bills! <3 You got this.

(Good to know!)

Really enjoyed this and managed to keep all moths alive. Then the sable moth's seeds glitched into the ladder and I couldn't get them. :( So I just closed the game rather than letting them die. Very sad.

But the game itself was super fun! 10/10!

I opened it expecting I wouldn't like it and instead found out it's one of my favorite games on Itch. 10/10

It was for me - and I'm not a maths person. More of 'you have made maths fun for a non-maths person GASP this must have been good!' idea cx

Thou hast made me MATH. XD

I literally have a little sticky next to me with the times and Spooky Rating and I insist that this was great. 10/10 brain thinkings.

Just impulse bought. I'm a page in and know it was a good choice.

Love this game

Hecking stellar game.

Do mind the warnings. As a trans person with a not so great fam, it hit me in the feels. Not in a bad way, but in a way which felt very real.

If I had one critique, SPOILERS while the forums you access provide great info, a couple messages felt a bit same-y and like something you might read from self-help articles. It might have worked better with the longer text blocks broken up into shorter messages. But really, it's a nit-picky complaint for a very good game.

Edit: Got it! Matches are hard.

Ahhh. Well, I shall try that then.

I am STRUGGLING to find ending 2 and 3. Any hints?

He's all packed and ready to go on another adventure in three days. Probably just going to keep taking him to his destination for as long as I want to return to the country. So again, very happy with this idea as it makes me very happy to pack my little friend in my carry-on. :)

Strangely touching.

Looking forward to it!

NICE! Still following progress. Keep it up! :)

Looks like my reply didn't go through, but I made it! Yesterday my plane landed back home in the USA after spending a month in Prague and a glorious week and a half in Germany. :) Me and my little friend came home safe and sound and hopefully he'll get to go back with me again in 5 months.

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You have a tutorial, but if the tutorial is completed, you know how to hunt. Thus I tried to do that. Turns out you are physically incapable of hunting (or rather, catching) anything until the main game tutorial is completed. Thus I was slightly confused why there would be two tutorials when the first one isn't able to unlock hunting once you enter the main game.

So the order of things you have to do, to anyone who plays this is (Singleplayer as reference):

1. Join a Clan

2. Find the Clan.

3. Do the steps to hunt again.

4. AND NOW you'll be able to catch prey.

Where as before, I could try to hunt, pounce directly on the prey, and it wouldn't register that I was there.

Tomorrow, I was supposed to be going to Germany. The trip was canceled due to pandemic. So as a bit of self-care, one of these little buddies is now on my desk and labeled to eventually be headed for Germany. So thanks for the smol pick-me-up. <3

That looks amazing!

Lovely game!

Would recommend getting your own deck of cards and card count with it while you play. :3

I figured this out about midway though, ha ha. XD 

Stunning game! Loved it a lot.

Oh that's strange. I've never had it be the ESC button before ... O:

Might be a strange question but ... what button causes things to move? It loade3d fine, but after the first word bubble I can't work out what to click. (Space, enter, etc.)

Lived for breaking this.

Nice! Glad to help!

That would be super awesome, though I imagine that it would take a while. :) 

The worldbuilding of this game is also very well developed for what it is. Very neat.

Here's a screenshot! Hope it helps!

I believe I played this 10+ times in one sitting, as I'm a sucker for trying to read all the new dialogue. I still doubt I got to read everything. I like the fact that 'spider' is pretty """random""" based on other things that have happened. It always made me pause to check.

One note I saw was that the manticore dialogue for "spider" said "serpent" though. Just fyi. ;)

10/10, loved the game. Would have totally played something like this as a longer form game.

;0; Someone gave me the world. Thanks!
I sent out a kitty. Hope whoever got it liked it. ^^

Pleased that I eventually got to buy and play the full version of this. Well worth it. Highly enjoyed.

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Hella glitchy. But a fun game overall and I eventually got it to work!


If anyone else is in the same position as me, it's possibly best to speed run it after running into all of the glitches. If at any point a room wont 'switch', you've glitched out and need to go back a chapter or restart the full thing.
Other glitches might be:
- Heading toward the door you came from and Wilson saying 'you'll need to use the terminal' to open the door - despite the fact the terminal is on the other side of the door. Ignore that. But it also might be a sign your game has bugged out. If you notice a room wont switch afterward, then you have to restart.
-The reactor room letting you switch while inside it and preventing you from moving (unless you 'switch' again) and then it corrupts the whole time switching feature. At no point is there ever a need to go back into the reactor room.
-Yeeting the blue plug things through a wall and/or it mysteriously disappearing after you switch time. That's just a poor luck thing. Restart. (The only point in which you put it 'through' a wall is when you gently place it past the stuck doors, shimmy around where it would be in the other timeline, and then switching time again.)

-To follow up on the thing in parenthesis, if at any point you walk over the blue plug, just think of it as being invisible but still there. You WILL kick it through a wall or who knows someplace if you walk over it and I think this may also sometimes break the time switch function in some rooms if you do this. Just place it outside of your walking path before walking.

-If Ashton curses, you've done it wrong. :') Though feel free to try and find the fun glitch where he ends up jumping up and down for eternity on the blue plug.

-If at any point the screen in the 'maze' overlays two or more buttons or loses a button (like the one to return to the home screen) your game may have glitched out. The only way I got mine to work was by ONLY clicking the button to get me the door code and ignoring the others. Feel free to try to read the three other button notes by going back after you finish the demo.

-The buttons on the reactor's computer screen overlay each other, but from what I saw this doesn't damage anything. You should still be able to do the 'repairs' up until Wilson says they aren't going to work. HOWEVER if you go back to the reactor room after taking the plug from storage, things WILL break. I'd advice, if you missed something, to go back and read before you pull the blue plug out. Otherwise you run into the game breaking glitch where the rooms stop being able to switch and/or you restart part of the reactor sequence. I did it twice, it's annoying, trust me.

-The trailer shows that there are two boxes in the office (with the blue rims). There is only one. Don't worry about it. In theory you should be able to replug the fallen cord without jumping on the box. (And props to anyone who may have managed to jump on the box. It kept shifting me off.) Unlike the trailer, I was unable to move them. But it shouldn't be a need to (?) 

-Only you can switch times. The blue plug cannot. That's why you ease it through the door. This isn't a glitch, I don't think, but I figured I'd add it in case anyone needed the help.

-I don't THINK attempting to replug the blue plug back into the original machine in storages breaks anything, but in the two times I was experiencing glitches this was also something I did, so maybe avoid it just in case. ;)

-Think that's it. But I'll add more if I remember anything else. I'm decently active here, so if anyone has a question, just poke me.

Glad things got cleared up!
Also, I'm pleased to find that your other game, novena, was one of the first I ever played on :) It was one of the beginning games of my 'favorites' folder. Just wanted to note that.
(I think it's, like, buried in my '5 stars' folder, but it is indeed there, all the way at the start.)

Please do continue creating! Whether one story is or isn't for me, it deserves to be seen. ;)

Deeply sorry you were disappointed in my comment. I did not mean to offend. Just because the story didn't resonate with me does not mean it is a bad story, simply that I was not the intended audience. I can tell that effort and love was put into the game and if I truly disliked it, I would not have played it. It simply was not for me. But I am sorry if my words were ill-received. I was simply trying to be honest about how I viewed the impact of the story telling on myself and leave a comment to reflect my reasoning.
Regardless, I hope you have a wonderful day and joy in your projects. Not everyone is going to like all of your games - the important thing is that you found joy in making them and I can see from your comments that it has touched many others. The fact you have found someone who it hasn't touched as greatly isn't a reflection on your game quality.

At any rate, wishing you all the best!


I liked it for a while - moving and the little stories were interesting to watch. But it felt a bit ... eh at the end. Not incomplete, so much, but just ... lackluster. I expected a bunch of different outcomes, but this all seemed a bit too empty. So while I liked the mechanics, I felt the ending was lacking.

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Nice enough game, pretty simple! It was a bit hard to work out where to go all the time in the game. But the story was very ... distant. It was a very good story. I like it, but wasn't that impressed with the story all that much. I couldn't always work what was going on.

Edit (15/08/2021): Admittedly I'm not sure how much sleep I was on when I wrote the first part. Cringy. I meant to say I liked the story, but it didn't really speak to me as I felt like the intention was. It was more of ... the observer observing the observer vibe rather than truly being connected to the word and the character. Added clarity due to comment below. ;)

I replayed this several times and got to the end. It was just very fun and competitive and I was never sure if I was playing with other people or just really good AI. It was fun just because of that. I liked the challenge. Would totally recommend and I think it's a very cute game. All the little ducks were just super fun and I really loved the upgrades. Took me a bit to work out how to change my hat though. :)

I got really caught up in this game, but it got to the point where it just became too annoying to play. All in all, the story is simple enough, but there seems to be a very frustrating mechanic of if you have anything more than 1 cat fighting, then the other will get directly in the way of that cat, despite all attempts to avoid it or keep them separated. Got annoying enough that as soon as I'd passed the city, I stopped. Doesn't seem much of a point for health and stats and stuff when you can be defeated by the fact your own felines are stopping each other from attacking.

I don't usually rate things on personal opinion - since I know what isn't my taste can be someone else's. But I had just a viscerally bad reaction to this game. The combo of what the game did just was ... not appealing to me, generally ended up making me feel a bit sick (and I don't know why), and I had to close it eventually. So yeah. Not a game for me, but I can see why the actions and progression might be interesting for others. :')