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play this game a while ago, and my memory about this game is stil vivid. the demo version alone is already amazing, i couldn't imagine how dope the full version would be - hope i can buy it anytime soon!

all the artworks are really detailed. i also love the mini-game idea, even tho i wasn't able to finish the story bc of it ;; always love and enjoyed zephyo's works!!

the concept is unique and so well-written!! it's also accurate to my discord experience ++ the characters feels really real.. how is that possible?? :( it's just amazing :D 

whoa, the last comment here was 2 years ago. i just want to tell how cool this game is :D kinda sad bc this game bugged for me, but i enjoyed playing the first night! always loving retro-themed game


this game gave me so much emotions. thanks for making this beautiful game ;;; also shoutout to the indonesian translator, its v v rare to find vn game with bahasa indonesia translation here.. thank u!!

that was short, but is comforting and calming. i love rains so so much //-//

it hits hard.

i had so much fun playing this!! studio clump always provide top-tier visual (i still can't get over 'stillwater') :3 thanks for made my day better.

it's really beautiful, i love the theme and the setting of this story. will always waiting for the full version! ^^

;; the plot twist is mindblowing.. i love that!! i also love how retro it is. gave me sm nostalgia :D

i really love umi, and now i'm excited for sami's route >_<

i've always loving slice-of-life visual novels, especially those who set in high school - so, i'm thankful that this game exist. it's one of the best vn i ever played :D the ui is very cluttered & the art is neat!!

the mc is really lovable andd relatable, the art & shipping hobby, plus those puns lmao.. i totally agree with the comments here, the characters are really lively^^ 

so much love for stardust soda, will always support yall works! :3