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Just Insatiable. Every time I open try to open the game, the icon shows that the game is open for like a millisecond before it is forced quit on its own.

I cant ever get this game to even start on my mac. Am I doing somthing wrong? Need help.

Merging would be good

I think a Baxcalibur would be a great romance-able character, and in your style I bet he would be a very handsome mon. 

I can see this character as a noble knight or a kind and gentle bard.

Can't open on MAC :(

No mac :(

I kinda want a footjob from the wolf girl...plz

Idk I'm having the same problem too, although for me it says I cant open/use the application.

Still no Mac version :(

Wait, there are some scenes where Bernard is a werewolf. how do get those, do I find a way to keep him a werewolf or is it something else?  

I'm stuck with the "Northcrest's Conspiracy" quest. I don't know where to find Gunnar and talk to him. please help. 

Aww no Mac version, damn.

Hey ya'll I'm having an issue here, I can't seem to start the "Subjugation of Libido" quest from Othra. I need to learn how to make Strong restrain potions in order to take the task. I already used the guide to make them but it still wont work. Where can I "officially" learn the recipe?

Pls help and thank you. :)