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Oops, sorry! you are right. This happen when you enter houses....

Sorry but I don't believe you.

Even if you are very strong you can't complete this demo playing less than 5 minutes (but I think this demo is a 15 to 20 minutes gameplay)

And It's not Shit, it's for nostalgia (Don't play this game if you don't like the first zelda on Nes   )

Look like Undertale: I love it!

Do you know the zelda-like  Hunter1 ?


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lLooks like Hunter 1 :

I really love it! Graphics are very cute:)

Are you planing to add 2 players in-game?

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Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

The map of this demo is very short compare to the Big Demo who will be available on July End for Backers of the kickstarter . Actuallly the Big Demo is complete at 80% and I m adding a lot of mecchanic like Zelda III and a lot of new sexy gals to meet:)

Thanks again!

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Thank you very much, I will look at this ^_^