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Ohmygod, I read the characters bios and I just found my favorite character- FRED

I just finished it and what I love the most about this game so far that I've seen is the MC herself! Which is so rare for me to say since protagonists in this sort of games tend to go to bland, annoying and/or overly-Mary Sue-ish, but this game's MC is anything but! I just love that she's strong enough to withstand all of the gossip and ill-remarks from the villagers and yet be compassionate to still care for them! And also the fact that she is clever to immediately deduced that the three were gods. I really like her!

And for the three gods, I can't really say much about them. I must admit, they were a little unsympathetic to the MC and the villagers' problems, but then again, they are gods, so I can't really fault them for that. I just hope they develop more as the story progresses.

A little thing I noticed also, since the MC was (spoilers) thrown stones at by the villagers and it clearly said that she was wounded and bleeding, I find it strange that she was fine the day later and no mentions of it were further made??? Is it a continuity error or was I missing something?

To sum it all up, I really enjoyed this demo and I can't wait for the full game! I wish you the best of luck!

How dare you leave us on a cliffhanger!!!! >:(

...Welp, that aside, I love this. It has that cozy atmosphere that I don't see in a lot of VNs. Also, Rudolph is my cinnamon roll and I will throw eggs to whoever's mean to him.

Finally got the ultimate plant!!! Some of the plants were hard to get, but with enough brainstorming and random clicking, I eventually got there! :D What a great puzzle game!


...Well, anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed the game! Loved the story, and the CGs were great!! (I loved the blinking lol) Although I will say Neil isn't my type of guy in otome games, you know, the tsundere type. But, holy crap was I surprised when it was him in the end!!! It definitely made me like him more. It makes me excited for the other routes! Also, I like the main character! She's not too annoyingly feisty and does feel bad when she knows she made a mistake. Thank you so much for this game!!!