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in the creators own words: "Don't worry the game is not a virus, if that were the case, this page would have been taken down loooong time ago, so everything is ok c:"

btw if you want a challenge try 10/0/0/0/10/10 in custom night (gotta sweep, baldi and arts and crafters maxed) it's pretty hard

just got into fnaf recently, so seeing it being combined with baldi is really nice

edit 2 electric boogaloo: nubz is now splitscreen instead of local

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this game is really fun! i kept on dropping things since  i thought shift was the run key, and some of my deaths were caused by the eaterer getting me randomly while i couldn't see him, but this was still really fun!

320.93 seconds. Really fun, i need MORE

i did the same thing with sgt. suckerpunch

This game is pretty cool, although I lost while trying to look for shredded cheese. Def would play again.

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so uhh turns out the birthday bash decompile has the exact same problem, but only with the doors for some reason

fix it when you want, you don't have to do it now

 nuh uh it's illegal


my favourite moment was when banban said "it's banbaning time" and banbaned all over jumbo josh

you could make your own shop but you would have to change a few things (like the character or background, or the items being sold

in the 1.4 decompile gameobjects don't move in all the directions when i move them around in the editor

i think this is a unity error but i'm not sure

here's an image if you need it (i wrote "not a pivot" in case you mistake it for a pivot , i doubt you will)

i want to hug poffin

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guys just to clarify on release it will only have local multiplayer since it's very hard to make online multiplayer

edit: guys sorry i'm currently working on another game hopefully nubz will come out in 2023 at some point

i did not expect for someone to get scared by Gruff's jumpscare, but thats ok! if the full game does come out, the jumpscare will cut in to the talking

hey polymars

sussy schoolgrounds needs a mouse sensitivity

my mouse is really slow

please add a mouse sensitivity

yeah same

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your games look pretty fun too!

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Just talk, vibe and chat! please chat i'm lonely :(

I introduce, to everybody who read this...


   (he be looking kinda cute)