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I really like the monster, and wish he wouldn't catch us so fast. It would be awesome if you gave us a way to dodge him maybe, run around a bit like cat and mouse chase, before he eventually catches us :D

Super sweet game! Pity it has no music though. Still cute and has relaxing vibes, like a pixel Animal Crossing :) I couldn't find the white poppy and missed 2 people out of the total. I left with 16 coins in my pocket (spent 1 on the claw game) on my trip because I saved them wondering if we'd need them further down the road... So no music, no fancy clothes and no bread for me. But I did manage to help that one person in need and complete the museum. Love the "Sparkly Night" painting ♥

Tellement joli! Si seulement je pouvais aller où je voudrais aller, pendant aussi longtemps que je le souhaiterais... mais ainsi va la vie je suppose :)

Unrelenting mind sated I think... a bit sad that crabbo left so abruptly when we were just starting to grow close :'(

I personally think that lady next door is super cool rather than scary but that's just me :P

I loved this so much!! The art is just so precious and amazing! Maybe it's because I don't play VNs much, but I found it very clever to have been done in Wolf rather than Renpy! The MC is so cute, and I very much wish I could've spent Valentine's Day with her ♥ , be it in the backyard watching birdies or at the other 2 locations! Can't wait for you to add all you'd like to add in your wonderful little game :D Thank you for it, and I also wish you so much love and good things in your life!! ♥

What a sweet little game! I completed it and it told me something about myself that I already knew, that even as a skeleton I will fight to keep on living, if I can, and I'll do my best to ensure that :) And I do love guavas too!! All the descriptions about appreciating the little things in life just hit so close to home!

My favorite part is when we stand in front of a window and we " ♥ " the feeling. Because the sun, the wind, on our bones, what's not to love?

Thank you for this lovely game! I wish I could download it to play on my laptop.

Awesome!!! That makes me super happy for you both!! :D

Awesome! Can't wait!

Dad and I never stay in the same aisle in a bookstore. He would check out the books on history, or non-fiction, whereas I'd roam up and down, left and right, looking at everything from fiction and art books and brightly colored comics or children books, to stationery, art supplies, postcards and whatnot. I'd bought him lighthearted manga such as My Cute Neighbor in the past, but he'd said he didn't really understand them. I'd pick Alberto for myself because  the theme is actually very close to my heart. And I'd like to think he'd like Alberto too, because he does enjoy the little things in life and poetry sometimes. Love you Dad ♥

I hope you're in a better place nowadays with your parents! :) Life's too short for rows, I say that but I still have some as well, but I still wish you the best!

This was such a nice comment to read! Have you called your dad and had a longer conversation again lately? My reply comes very late, but maybe this can inspire you to have another one of those conversations now if you hadn't in awhile :) Best wishes!

I've had it for awhile too, and no matter what everyone else outside said to help me, it just wouldn't reach me :) I managed to get better only once I myself had come to a realization. The Bad Dream games are perfect the way they are to me, there's no need to remake them  unless you really want to give them a rehaul. I know the original ones will remain the ones dear to my heart, that's for sure :)

You're probably as humble as you're shy :D I can't say I've played many games where I was forced into a bad ending, but yes it's really aggravating when that happens. Like, I've done my best, you know? Why can't I have my happy ending :( (I do enjoy tragedy though, so I wouldn't be against a "bad" ending if it makes sense in a story). I like horror, but my preference goes to elegant, subtle, atmospheric horror. Leaning more towards mystery, that thing you can barely recognize in the fog over there, is it a monstrous creature or just a lamppost and its shadow? Or when NPCs say weird dialogue, did you hear wrong, or are they really this way? Etc. Depression is a tough one, they're not helpless but even though we try to help them from outside, true resolve is strongest when it comes from within oneself. You've made me nostalgic about the Bad Dreams series! I need to replay all of them. I only remember the Hospital one the best, because I really wanted to be able to get out without harming anyone. Even at my own expense I guess... (And no I didn't ask but it's very interesting to read, so please do tell :D)

Rather, thank you for making this wonderful game! I'm very nostalgic about old school games such as SH2 where the storyline was actually a thing, a well-thought-out thing that would touch us and be meaningful enough that we'd feel empathy. Yours definitely was, and I couldn't help rooting for the main character and wanting to support him through all the struggles he'd gone through. It was really an amazing experience!

Sorry for my late reply! I totally understand what you mean about the difficulty of the game. I suppose, having some kind of diary to keep track of tasks is the obvious solution most devs use. Or our little friend can give hints sometimes if we're stuck I guess? But like you said, maybe it'd make the game too easy. I really don't mind a game being difficult, however if I'm really stuck, hours after having examined everything from every angle, I'd be glad to have a hint option. Even if I have to sacrifice some blood or what :D (can make it so, so we don't abuse it). And your sprites definitely make your game unique, for sure!!

Oh then it makes sense, please don't worry about it! My computer has a very bad brightness option which makes games in dark settings even darker.  It's just that I'm one who gets frustrated by not being able to see, rather than scared, because I can't fear what I can't see.

I'm immune to horror in general so you see, we're a perfect match :P But really, I enjoy when it's more atmospheric and clever. When it's too easy, relying a lot on blood and darkness it just feels cheap. And I bet you receive such compliments all the time actually!

I enjoy this one a lot because the themes are dear to my heart. Chance encounters, night drives... Keep making awesome games please :)

As all your other games, it's beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for it :) I wish I could dive into them and be part of them.

1, 2, 3, soleil. I just wanted to have a nice party with my people :'(

I don't know if it's been brought up before but I really, really enjoyed the look, and work that went into the launcher itself! The little details, the files, all a super nice touch! As for the games themselves, I loved how eclectic it was, being done by a different dev each with a different art / gameplay style. I found this game because I'm a corpsepile fangirl, but I enjoyed everyone's entry. Most I managed to complete, some I was rubbish at, sadly. Thank you for coming up with this! I had hopefully as much fun playing them as you guys had creating them :)

I loved this so, so much!! It might be "letters to the metro", but also a legit love letter to games such as Silent Hill. I loved all the homage to it, from the fixed camera to the graphics and bittersweet storyline! The controls are a bit difficult to tame sometimes (partly because of the fixed camera), but I enjoy fixed camera so much that it didn't matter too much to me. The music is amazing, it made me feel nostalgic even though I'd never heard it before. Really fits the game. I wish I had more to say about it but everything is just so perfect to me, I end up having nothing to say :D I noticed how the poster of the black cat is gone when we're back in the subway. I hope he is in peace, and the main character now as well :)

I wish we had a way to actually defeat / escape the thing, because I really enjoyed exploring the manor and it was rude how the thing stopped us from exploring more :P

I played this so long ago!! I remember failing the first time because I didn't do the ritual in the right order. Then, I wanted to do it in the perfect order, but the email itself wasn't in the "right" order completely :P (turns out, it doesn't matter and I got the "good" ending). Really love the graphics and story, it gives me nostalgia back when playing Imscared on Gamejolt as a little, free indie game :)

Great little game! Are we wearing a hooded onesie? I encountered a bug when I tried to go through the main entrance door (didn't know it was the main entrance, I thought it was a random room). I ended up phasing through it and being able to go outside and around the house. I was able to come back in though! I really liked the screen effects when we're outside the window and getting cold! Real nice touch! Loved the graphics and humor, wish I could've actually seen the Skinwalker under its true form :)

You're welcome, I look forward to it whenever it comes out!

I remember when I played the Bad Dream series way back on Gamejolt, I told myself Desert Fox is my kind of man and I'll marry him when I grow up. Maybe I'm Anna? :) I enjoyed this game but it was really different. I loved the interactivity with the menu! I didn't manage to be scared because I kept imagining you putting all these daily normal items together in real life while making the game and it just made me smile :)

I had fun but I think one would have more fun when knowing about the subject or being a fan of Akai Haato :) That said, I really enjoyed the horror part (that's how it I found it in the first place). I'd definitely check it out if you made a full standalone original horror game :D

It's good for a first game! Only downside is that movement was a bit wonky. And, I suppose it's too easy to rely on the darkness for scares, I switched on all the lights and they'd all be switched off later on by magic. I enjoyed the graphics in the mini game! And the whole game overall. You have weird dreams though :) Looking forward to more games about them!

Really cute little game! It was sad that Jane had to go though, and the emails started repeating right after :/ Sometimes several of the same ones within the same batch. Like others have said, the game could be expanded so much, like following up on everyone's story, various new problems that we need to solve, Jane making a cameo... should you want to :)

The atmosphere oh my goodness... It was so beautiful and amazing that I could cry! To me there's nothing horror about this game. Everything is just so beautiful, the first part when we're exploring, but also the end when we meet her, and fulfill our destiny :)

I think we can all relate somehow :< Fun little game, a bit luck based. Lost a few times, before speed shoes / +time pill were more conveniently placed. I feel he should look happier with his Winner crown, and without crapped pants

How can one be scared when one is sad? Great little game, nothing scary about it, just plain unbridled sadness. To me, at least.

Knew instantly from the page layout that it'd be from you, "Tender" guys :) and that I'd love this game. I loved everything about the demo, except for the bugs. My first playthrough went very smooth, and thank goodness for that, because I managed to see one ending (confront). All-round great experience, I really enjoyed doing the little humdrum tasks while waiting for the storm to subside. On my second and third playthrough (trying to see the sleep ending), I got stuck first, when placing the mug in the sink. Couldn't back out anymore. Then, when cleaning the carpet. Got stuck before being able to scrub for the last time. I enjoyed being able to see the difference between opening / leaving the office door closed. I can't wait to play the final, stable build!

Happy birthday! It was my birthday too, so it was like a gift from you to me from me to you :)? I don't usually play visual novels much, or enjoy them, but this was real nice in its own, sad (the theme), way. My favorite thing in the whole game would be the ice cream metaphor. I'm not sure why it's categorized as horror, because there was nothing horror about it. Just sadness, mixed with hope for better days.

Such a sweet little game! I just couldn't leave this dude dogless! On my first try, I got caught by the demons even though I tried to walk slowly and carefully (they like to catch you on a change of screen). The paw prints were confusing too. On my second try however, and even though I wandered aimlessly for a long time, and the demons kept ruining my sanity again, in the end I managed to follow the paw prints and dog poops better. And with legit 1% sanity left, I found my pup :)

Oh, my sweet buddy! I've missed you so much ♥

Out of nostalgia for my buddy I came back to see my comment, marked 85 days ago... it made me sad and then I saw this. Will I really see my buddy again tomorrow? Take good care of our hearts please

It's not too bad, but I got caught by the monster. I clicked "Retry" and found out we have to restart the whole level again, no way man... There's no point in having a "Retry" button if it ends up being the same thing as when you select the level and play from the start. Maybe have a checkpoint closer to the monster part? I can see myself failing again because we just move sooo slow... Apart from that it's quite ok and what one would expect from such games, a dark atmosphere, nothing overly creepy or scary though. I read you're still doing updates to it, I'm sure it'll improve greatly in time :)