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It's not too bad, but I got caught by the monster. I clicked "Retry" and found out we have to restart the whole level again, no way man... There's no point in having a "Retry" button if it ends up being the same thing as when you select the level and play from the start. Maybe have a checkpoint closer to the monster part? I can see myself failing again because we just move sooo slow... Apart from that it's quite ok and what one would expect from such games, a dark atmosphere, nothing overly creepy or scary though. I read you're still doing updates to it, I'm sure it'll improve greatly in time :)

Alors je n'ai pas du tout reconnu la musique, mais peut-être parce que je n'avais pas le son trop fort (bah oui quoi, j'essayais de me frayer un chemin discrètement...). Non en fait c'est juste que le remix était cool! En tout cas j'ai adoré le jeu! Merci pour ce point de vue du côté des rats! A la fin, il y a une sorte de bug mais en ma faveur: le soldat a piétiné mes 5 comparses mais nous étions près de sous la planche et j'ai survécu par je ne sais quel miracle. Et même si j'étais seul, ça a marché pour délivrer mon maître. Donc j'ai réussi à finir le jeu, j'espère qu'ils périront tous ces saligauds~. Pour le secret, j'ai trouvé la flûte par hasard quand lors d'un clic le rat est part de l'autre côté de la charpente. Ça m'a fait rire que le mec soit là "bon ça suffit dépêche toi". Ecoute vieux, je suis juste un p'tit rat hein... :B

Hi Fabian, this is a game with a lot of potential. I love open worlds, so I will explore everywhere. I jumped through the wooden barricade and had trouble jumping back in the main map; went up the tower and fell to my death haha, which brings me to my next point: if we somehow fall from the gap in the stairs in the house, we take damage. Maybe add a railing of some kind there? The game is very dark, even with my brightness cranked up all the way. I understand having to make games dark to instill fear but that doesn't work on me, it just makes me frustrated not being able to see. When the living room opened and was super bright, I thought it was awesome! And wished the whole game could be that way. I don't mind the static ghosts, nor did I mind the hallway at the end (nod to SH2 is my guess?). What I minded were the tiny, tiny little keys, just like other players said. It seems you are using models or assets from somewhere else, as the dialogue that goes "Door is Jammed!", with a very recognizable cap on the "j" is very familiar. I think the text can be corrected into your own font / phrasing maybe? My last point would be, let us keep the flashlight if we want, because as I stepped inside the house he turned it off automatically, when the inside of the house was way darker than outside o_O... Overall, it was nice, and I'd love to see where it goes from here, with the improvements you'll make based on the (hopefully helpful) feedback :)

"Where cannibalism is a normal facet of every day life and outsiders are on the menu". You mean, it's not? D:

I really like how you've drawn and made the sprites, backgrounds and art yourself! While this may be just personal preference, I think the drawn piano (for example) has infinitely more charm than the clean cut piano asset we see in most games. Apart from that, everything is pretty nice. The characters, the vibe, the story... I found a few typos: one as we examine the curtain in the kitchen but I don't remember what it was, one about the snake ("giant" was misspelled I think), and various occurrences of "recieved". Sometimes, finding what we had to do next was a bit confusing, it took a lot of examining and trial and error. I point that out because I'm one to always examine everything over under and sideways, yet was a bit stumped still. I'm looking forward to the complete game :D

Is it possible to miss someone who doesn't exist in the first place, and whom you've met just moments ago?

Yes it is. I'm waiting for you to return, buddy, it's a promise.

I enjoyed your game very much! The graphics are great, and the rotating title screen is clever. A few things I wanted to mention are:

Not sure why the main character is wearing the hat even at work? His casual outfit makes sense when he's out there in the woods, but at work he should have a different outfit? If it's too complicated, I think just removing the hat would be fine. (Same for when he's at home, in bed).

Main character's sprite size doesn't match his coworkers' sprite size.

He should react in some way at the puddles of blood?

When he returns from work, why is he in his bedroom by default? Should be in the living room near the entrance.

The random swearing feels unnecessary at times, I understand he's frustrated but certain comments feel over the top.

Placement of text is sometimes at the bottom, sometimes at the top, should stick with one. Text got covered by items sometimes. 

The huge hospital in the middle of nowhere feels a bit weird but I guess it's possible. A care home or a sanatorium, would be more likely.

There are typos here and there, as well as weird phrasing, if English isn't your native language I could help you proofread it if you'd like? Your game is great and if I can help you in any way I'd love to. Please let me know :D