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if you're still stuck: reading both the envelope and the papers would help you figure out the combination. (if you don't know how to read the envelope, use the lamp.) anyway, with a bit more thinking, you should be able to solve the first level

hope this helped :))

its 15, actually - theres 3 bananas in the last one

woo! after like 3 attempts i managed to not be awkward at all! nice game :)

i finally won after around an hour of gameplay!!!

the art was really nice, and it was a difficult puzzle!

though i'd just like to point out some things:

  •  sometimes you would get sent to another part of the house whenever you try to interact with objects. it made the game really irritating..
  • during one attempt, the cat was already turning into a demon, but when i went to the garden, the cat went back to normal. when i exited the garden however, the cat went back to turning into a demon.

other than that, great game!



This was a really fun, simplistic but enjoyable game !! Looking forward to playing the next game :))

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things i have to say

  • that intro was *chefs kiss*
  • rip that lansam ayyy (minnie would hate me lol)
  • tbh my favorites in here are the twins :P
  • poor sirius tbh :(
  • victoria's interrogation was really interesting :o
  • "jail it is then"
  • wow the final boss rly went all out on the insults
  • and the difficulty how did i go through that
  • also this is actually the first bullet hell game i played !! :DD
  • i should also mention the fact that when i quit the interrogations i cant move .__.
  • i had to go through the whole game again becuase of that but hey at least i have an excuse to play it to see the plot and stuff yayayay :pppp

Great game, liked their designs, voice acting fits them and was amazing, gameplay was difficult and enraging, but not "i want to break everything" enraging, more like "*sharp inhale*" kind of enraging (im using enraging too much lololol). And great mystery too! Amazing job! ^^

Pretty late, but this was a fun game! I managed to find all 6 flags (though one of them was a fluke lol)

Whys there so many hate comments?? Like cmon guys its a decent game

...Okay while writing this comment I realized the hate is mainly coming from users named This Game Sucks and Botman123, who probably are trolls