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A year later, this is simply one of the best games I've ever played. The story, the characters, the symbolism... all immensely good. Made me laugh, cry, love life

Fun !!! Endings 5 and 6 are my favorite ! Loved the different riddles in English and in French

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This is such a great game. The plot is so GOOD, I spent 20 hours trying to  get every line of writing possible, and it was so worth it. Some lines just knock you over. The characters are all amazingly written. Plus the beautiful music (also enhancing the horror aspect), the different art styles be it landscapes or character designs ! They're all intricated so beautifully ( rose vines), the result is a true piece of art.
The dedication, the teamwork that clearly went into it especially shines in the ending, which had me in tears.

Also this is the first VN in which I enjoyed every romance route, plus the poly "routes" (involving Ruby or not !) are so heartwarming.

SRC will always have a warm place in my heart. Thank you so much to everyone involved !