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Chloe Sutherland

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Seems super cute - but, as a little bug report, I couldn't get past the first level? Could pick up the key and get everyone to the door but couldn't find any way to interact with the door.

Thanks so much!

I really liked this!

I really loved the art style and the way you just got to spend time with the plants but kept making my cursor disappear?  Had to reload quite a few times to check out all the plants.

I thought this was super cute. I had a few issues with the climbing physics (like you mentioned) that stopped me from finishing but I was really rooting for the lil guy!

I won't have time to play before voting closes but I love the vibes of this game. And the map is absolutely gorgeous.

The theme was good fun!

I was really drawn in by the concept but wasn't having the best time until I realised I could click and hold (I'd just been clicking like mad til Level 4). Loved it after that! You've done a great job keeping the art simple while still keep it nice to look at.

This is so lovely and chill - love the vegetarian!