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Do you have any update on this? I also have the same issue.

You can combine the sprite with aPNG and then convert from animated PNG to webp is better than gif and is also animated....

Hi I get the following error message while trying to get the Steam Key:

There are no keys available at this time, try again late

Great I was not aware of that! Thanks a lot!

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I see "" is there any way to actually download this to play in localhost?

Animated SVG or aPNG would be nice!

You are amazing your tools are just great I purchased all of them I simply love them, even if I don't use them that much.

Nice for static transparent PNG should be good enough, aPNG would be great the quality of aPNG animations are something else...

Excellent update in short time, I bought all your products even without knowledge of what I was getting just because the software is way cool! Is there any way to implemente aPNG (Animated PNG) export? In my opinion is better than GIF also a way to export static PNG, Transparent (PNG), JPG etc would be nice...