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Thanks for playing! Very valid, on reflection I wished that I had made navigation/goals far more understandable than some words on paper. Fishing results are almost 100% random (if you fail enough times you are guaranteed the proper component), as long as you are within the right areas.


These are super cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for playing!

beans are cool !


Thanks for playing :)

Thank you so much :)

Thanks for playing :)

I've uploaded an experimental 32(x86) version !

Please contact back if there are any issues.


Thanks for playing!


Thanks for playing!

Well said. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for checking it out! There really was too much chance in the game you're right!

Thanks! :)

Thanks so much for checking it out :)

Thanks for playing! Sorry about the bug

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for playing!
Wow looks like you uncovered quite a nasty bug :o

Try fishing up a special component at each location given by the notes, and finding a chest once the item is found :)

Thanks for playing !

Thanks :)

Thank you!

Unfortunately it cannot sorry!

Thanks for playing! The resolution was definitely something I never got around to fixing :)

Thank you :)

Thanks for playing!

Great input! Thanks for playing.

Thank you so much for checking it out and thanks for the feedback at the end. Noted!

That was indeed the only ending to the game :)

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for checking it out :)

Thanks so much for playing !

Thanks :)

what a conspiracy to behold ! :o

Thanks for playing ! For a hint, the last component is located the only place the player hasn't been directed


Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Indeed, the login part of the game was intended to serve a far larger purpose, but ended up being a bit more intrusive than I would have liked. It still does have a purpose for finding endings, as with the rebooting.

Thanks for playing! Those bugs were keeping things hidden...

Unfortunately there's no way to log out from the admin ending. You will have to restart the game, but progress is saved!