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Yooo I loved playing these games on Newgrounds! I can remember my excitement when you would release a new chapter. I'm really excited to check out your newest creations too, they look even better!

I feel like this game was tailor made for me, had a blast playing with my friends, thankyou for making this.

Would you happen to have a download link to an older version of this game without the trigger warning? I purchased the game and wanted to show it to my friend, but the warning at the beginning kinda spoils what's going to happen and ruins the shock.

I love low res sprites. Just moving a pixel to a different spot can make a completely different image in someone's head. Flipping a sprite is huge, and I love how you wrote a narrative for each object, having the pants become a treasure chest when flipped was my favorite.

I had to play through a 2nd time to understand what was going on, very creative.

This was amazing! The puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty, and I love the low res graphics. When I realized that all that green area was an ocean, instead of bushes, I got really excited! You did a good job hiding the 4 keys, I thought the game was over after getting the key from the island.