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Really fun, loved figuring out the survival mechanics was not expecting that end tho lol

Sick and twisted, made me feel very uncomfortable, but I really love the well executed concept, the gritty artstyle and getting to create the ultimate rat! 

Thanks I couldn't figure this out!

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I am having an absolute blast with this. Perfect blend of frustratingly difficult controls and level layout that feel incredibly satisfying to get the hang of! 

yoooo! Thanks for your hard work, will be fun to try streaming this!

Flash was an incredible tool, I remember eagerly anticipating each new Daymare release back when you published on Newgrounds. It was a blast playing this, thankyou for everything you do.

my record is 33, GG

good tip thanks for the info

Fantastic couldn't stop laughing!!!

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This game has an incredibly steep learning curve, but learning all of the mechanics, and how to operate the complicated machinery provides an immense feeling of accomplishment. I spent the first few days having fun just cleaning up the mess in the base. Only being able to pull objects, and not being able to push them, has caused me to get trapped in a corner more than a few times. But honestly getting crushed by a supplies crate while tidying up is exactly the kind of hilarious frustration I look for in a game. Everything can quickly get out of hand if you're not constantly keeping up on tasks and maintenance, it's a great challenge. 

The lonely atmosphere of the mountains has me totally on edge. This feeling of dread is enhanced by all the little clues of objects left behind and areas locked and out of reach. I haven't encountered any monsters, but I have the sense that there is something strange going on just out of sight while I'm focused on my job. I'm so paranoid and always locking the doors behind me before going to bed. Riding the ATV around the mountains at breakneck speeds to fix a tower before it gets dark gave me genuine terror I haven't felt in a game in a long time.

I love how hilariously overworked the protagonist is, such an insane situation that they are supposed to manage this entire facility on their own.  The survival mechanics are a great addition to this game. Find alien signals or starve to death is such a funny concept.  Keep up the incredible work!

Really great experience! I loved how terrifyingly claustrophobic it felt traversing the seafloor. Took me a few tries, but when I realized the monster was afraid of the flashlight and not the welding torch I was able to manage it. I was constantly checking my back and on the edge of my seat!

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Really great aesthetic, I love this world you've created, it really sucked me in! I've played through a few times, it feels like there are so many secrets hidden just out of sight. I didn't notice the ghost on my first playthrough, so now I am very paranoid about what else I might've missed.

I wish there was some way to  help the refugees, at least I have the option to leave the island without helping the murderous nobleman. I'm guessing the protagonist has been afflicted with whatever happened to those refugees, since they both seem to be hearing voices and seeing ghosts, hopefully they can find help in the cathedral district.

I cannot properly express how much I love this game. All of the songs are absolute bops, the animation and environments are so aesthetically pleasing. I've been playing the songs repeatedly for the past 3 days, having a blast freestylin'. The story mode is hilarious,   I loved seeing the trouble this cute little hoodrat kept getting into.

The story mode is really turning out to be something special. I was having fun just interacting with household objects, then out of nowhere a child gets run over by government agents. I couldn't help but bust out laughing at how casually this game could just throw in dark humor like that. The surreal nature of the NPCs and the world they live in really sucked me in, you have assembled the perfect cast of funky delinquents, and the perfect butter man who knows how to bust a move!  Keep up the incredible work!

So hyped for the new updates, gonna be a day one purchase on Steam!

Yooo I loved playing these games on Newgrounds! I can remember my excitement when you would release a new chapter. I'm really excited to check out your newest creations too, they look even better!

I feel like this game was tailor made for me, had a blast playing with my friends, thankyou for making this.

Would you happen to have a download link to an older version of this game without the trigger warning? I purchased the game and wanted to show it to my friend, but the warning at the beginning kinda spoils what's going to happen and ruins the shock.

I love low res sprites. Just moving a pixel to a different spot can make a completely different image in someone's head. Flipping a sprite is huge, and I love how you wrote a narrative for each object, having the pants become a treasure chest when flipped was my favorite.

I had to play through a 2nd time to understand what was going on, very creative.

This was amazing! The puzzles were just the right amount of difficulty, and I love the low res graphics. When I realized that all that green area was an ocean, instead of bushes, I got really excited! You did a good job hiding the 4 keys, I thought the game was over after getting the key from the island.