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the firs tplace you visit here is one of the most net yaroze things ive ever experienced outside of the net yaroze. really good

any way to change window size or fullscreen? it's loading too big to see the text at the bottom of the screen or the volume buttons. unless desperately pushing the window around my screen is part of the block-pushing i need to be doing...

This looks really cool and I'm interested in playing it and following its development! Unfortunately, the mouse cursor doesn't show up in most builds for me, making it unplayable. It's my regular cursor until the game loads, and then it disappears entirely and isn't replaced by the in-game hand cursor. I drafted writing this using the in-game feedback form and it would briefly show up if I used text shortcuts like ctrl+A/Z, but disappeared again once I closed the form. I'm running Windows 10 22H2, x64, I've got a mouse button rebinder application running (X-mouse button control) but disabling it doesn't seem to help, and neither does switching between fullscreen and windowed, or running in admin mode. Let me know if you want anything else.
Feedback about your feedback form - super cute and great for casual responses, but for Bug Reports that require further details it's a little small and difficult to edit.

Hi, I just wanted to ask about the possibility of adding resolution/graphics options to the game?
I was really excited to play this as it's extremely up my alley, but I use a laptop with a 3000x2000 screen and none of the guts to match, so anything that fullscreens and uses my default res often runs unplayably bad - this included.
Attempting to force a smaller window size via Unity's command line shortcuts resulted in the 'zoomed in' issue reported by maximumdakka (and attempting to force lower graphics settings via -screen-quality did absolutely nothing).

Not a dev so not sure how hard/annoying a request this is, and I see from twt you've been busy lately - just wanted to know if it was something you could consider! Looking forward to seeing your future work regardless!