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this game is a masterpiece!

Best game i’ve ever played!

Nice. I really liked this game. the jump was a bit floaty though and you could already move during the level transition.

if you dm me on discord(bierboer#2508) I will help you fix it

thanks man, this comment made my day :)

yep, I will fix this in a post jam version. thanks for playing!


I like how you interpreted the theme.

hmm, thats weird. did you move the exe file to another folder or something?

Hey, thank you so much for the feedback!

I actually increased the speed over time but maybe it isn't noticable, I'll make sure to change that in the post jam version. thanks for playing my game!!

nice game!! my only feedback is I think that you should be able to jump with the uparrow key. but overall it's very nice and polished!

very well done!

cool idea, a bit like "the imposible quiz"

nice little rage game! the main thing you can improve on is the movement, it can sometimes feel a bit slippery and on if walk against a wall and jump it will not work.

mash ur keyboard

best game how is this made in a week


first time for me too... Im very exited!

so we back in the mine

very good game! the controls feel great



hard but soooooooooooooo good

cool stuff


still needs some polish but good concept

note: Upload it to newgrounds and/or congregate as well that way you will reach more people

the controlls in the menu aren't really clear