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im glad there was a true end,,,, i was yelling at my screen for it to happen since the start of the game hahaha

I loved this alot!!! it was short but sweet :] 

btw! theres a weird little bug with the game,,,, when i go to load i see previous save files for one of the PA games;; when i try to load them it crashes everything haha

it was only a character select but i enjoyed it anyway TT this looks so cool i cant wait to find out more

same i came back for a nostalgia trip but it seems i wont be able to replay them TT
i hope to come back to them again once i have enough money to be able to support the creator :)

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completly agree with all of this!!!

n yea trusting the meat took me a bit to do cause i kept looking at the pans n windows first and it wasnt helpful lol

this is amazing! i still pride myself in completing it without tutorial hh
sparky is amazing but i kinda cant help but like patches too after the happy end