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I will buy it on steam or support u on  itch when the full version is completed,i believe it will be even better than the <Umfend>,good job

by the way,Taiwan is a part of ChinaTaiwan has been part of China since Song Dynasty,could u please change the logo of tra-chinese to China's flag?

I've bought it on steam,nice game!!!

  i like this game so much , it's also surprising that the game is made by suck a small team!i really appreciate u,hope to play the full version!(horror,qaq.)



Perfect game

As u said,so i only play such kind of games on PC,otherwise,i gotta play again the game when it is updated,that is really boring

IS JUST THE BEGINNING................

comon man,all games should have a bad guy,we will be happier if we beat them, right?

The first dream scared my little bro down,qaq

it doesnt matter bro,just hf

You need a software to unzip the zip of the game,  and install the apk

V1.01,...YEAH HOO

wish the game can be done before i die ,,hahaha,joking

I think we should play the game when it has a  whole version.i once played the game for 8days.i have got level 34.then it updated .i am really crazy But it's really a perfect game .it's worth waiting and play all over's also different from the Japanese galgames .i hope this game will be finally a great success.The game has too many things to play .I really like it. By the way .can i translate the game into Chinese and put it on some website.Please牛逼

I need to paly it all over again.草