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Though cute with some nice ideas, I wish this game explored its mechanics more. The first half of levels aren't really puzzles, forcing you to do the solution. Throughout the entire game, lots of level elements are introduced before the previous ones are actually capitalised on too, creating a game with a lot of potential that doesn't really start harnessing any of it. Despite this, the final level has some well designed twists and turns, including multiple different approaches that can be eliminated using some foresight and logic from what the game had taught you so far. The art style is nice and achievement system is also a fun additions, kudos for the extra effort that went into those!

A little early maybe, but this could be the game of the millennium

Masterpiece, fitting the ideas needed in the full solution into 5 different levels would be hard on its own, but this is truly something special. You even discover concepts in the order they would be taught by a more linear game, and it's certainly by design. And it even has incorrect pathways that are wrong due to principles of normal Sokoban (won't spoil)? This is insane!

This game is good teribled eGOOF



OMZ! Game too easy, uncle needs buffing, add ghost boss in cemetery, 7.8/10. Too much water. RIP coroline tho :sad emogi: :flag ir:


This is very thoughtfully designed, with dense levels that always introduce new surprises and mechanics that (both on their own and combined) act as a help and a hinderance. Can see this being taken a lot further, maybe even with a third allergy. Cool game!

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This has a lot of potential, and the health system is something I haven't seen before! (in sokoban)

"the game I am currently working"

Oh, exciting! I'm guessing it also a puzzler that uses forklift controls, and I'm super interested in any upcoming puzzle games. Will keep tuned.

Had to use a small hint, and I'm a little mixed. On the one hand, the mechanic used is very interesting, and not touched upon in SSR. But on the other hand, the block not falling is softly breaking what felt like a very fundamental rule. Maybe the puzzle, using one-turn movements, could have used an enemy as a timer with you setting the blocks up beforehand?

Ok I've returned to this game after 2 years after beating what are considered to be the hardest puzzle games in the market and "around the corner" is STILL trumping me. I've seen simple puzzles with seemingly impossible setups countless times, but god damnit this is getting ridiculous. Good game btw

As much as I enjoy this game, I feel that the mechanics are not fleshed out and combined to the extent they could have, rather each "world" gets three core ideas/levels before the game introduces yet another mechanic. This is especially true because of the metroidvania style the progression uses as well as the secret bonus levels scattered throughout the game, allowing for a lot more freedom in  levels depending on what your "moveset" is at the time. If this ever gets a full release, I'd love to see more levels in each world with their own creative ideas, rather than a bunch of worlds with many more half-developed elements. Despite this, this is definitely one of the best free puzzlers on and I had a lot of fun with it

Interesting game


Good game, would love to see the concept fleshed out

Though it has around three times fewer levels than the first safe robber, this game not only has far greater QoL and technical quality, but its duel-safe manipulation and the new addition of multi-push allows for tougher, more airtight and more thoughtfully designed puzzles. Though I prefer the field hubworld, the aesthetic improvements cannot be ignored either. This combined with nice touches, such as settings/quit buttons, the puzzles looking like real houses, ambient music, not being able to see the edge of the map and many bug fixes puts this over the first game by a large margin. Good game!

Fun game! Don’t think it reached its full potential and the difficulty was all over the place, but everything else was a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Excited to play the second one!

How many levels are in this game?

Absolutely beautiful


shup ut

cool game, I don't have the time commitment though 

good game

great game!

Fun game with some clever ideas!

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Ok it is kinda hard to discuss through itch comments but on the subject of a tutorial: I really like how you want to make the tutorial tricky, and how you gradually introduce mechanics. But I think you should have doubled down on that and made it a bit more of a slower and more silent tutorial. Starting on the map is a little intimidating too. The first level should just be purely movement based, no rabbits, no option wheels, just showing how you can't go over pits and slide around instead of stepping. It would be won by just sliding offscreen. Then you would do level one but you activate it from behind to make it more clear what's happening. You would then do a variant where you need to actively turn it and then turn it again, a small leap from the previous level. Then it introduces touch triggering but with the first level of the current model. Then would come a seemingly obvious level that has a fakeout solution where you twist the knob backwards, so not only are you taught that you can turn them back but it would make for a neat puzzle. To go more in depth I couldn't really continue through itch, sry. Also, this is just my first idea, so take it with a grain of salt

Very unique puzzle game! My 3 main gripes are polish, presentation and tutorial. The core of it is very solid and fun, I'd be happy to expand on things if necessary.

This game is cool! I'm stuck on the morse code bit, but would really like to hear more about it

A very well designed game with a lot of potential. If expanded, I could see this becoming a full game

Very cool game! Love too see some updates

Cool game

Very cool game, slime, magic radioactive gas are particularly interesting and fun. Well done

Very disorientating. Cousin says it's creepy

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Cool game. Story exists but the puzzle design is interesting
Would like to see more of it