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This is truly one of the games of all time. The story is written and the gameplay can be played. 11/10


Somehow, while doing the exact same thing several times and once it worked and literally every other time it didn't


mmmm B O O B A

aww man, game doesnt work i cant use the controls

skill issue

insight be really op god damn

My gender is evil and i exist for the sole purpose of causing chaos

Damn, that ending hit harder than my dad's belt

Sniper Op

bottom text

quick question, tf is this lmao|?

for some reason i made sans so the first encounter was flowey with a gun

sniper balls op

bottom text

Wrote a german name and she said "Is that even a real name?" ....10/10

click on each necessary ingredient once and then click on the pot once you put all the needed ingredients in the pot click on the spoon and then on the pot and you will progress