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Really great game! Just played it in a discord call :] I wish there was something more to do with the retrieval stuff, but maybe I just missed something? Either way, really enjoyed it!

Hey! Andy and I are friends and he was aware of this game since it started development. It's not meant to be a legit dating sim (as hopefully is clear when you play the game) and everyone involved is aware it's just for fun. Sorry if it upset you! I ask you to give it a try either way!

A really fun and creative little game with great controls! I played it on stream after getting it recommended to me and beat it in ~20 minutes. Had a great time with it and I love the little diver's dance at the end :D

this is great and works perfect for my silly little stream setup!!! super easy to customize and i while i set it up to my liking in around 15 minutes of dicking around i can imagine im gonna be having a lot of fun customizing it further :]

the game kinda has hitboxes in a sense for the characters- bf is half as tall as dad, so the game is only going to be looking at one half of dad's sprites (where bf would be had you not changed the files). i dont have a fix for you, but hopefully this is a good explanation?