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How connected will it be with the previous story? I read it a long time ago and was wondering if I would be able to jump right into the new one without rereading The Fairy's Song. 

It was really good and would definitely warrant further development into a full-fledged VN. 

This was an unexpected gem. For such a small game, it's impressive how well it conveys its story and how honest it feels. Great work. 

Both games are awesome, the second one being more developed though. I very much hope this is not the end of the girls' adventures. 

Hey, it’s fluff but it has some considerable depth to it too. Touching on things like the relationship between the author and their work and fans, obsessiveness on the part of the latter, or the demands the industry puts on creators gave it character in addition to the cute romance, and I am definitely happy I picked it up. Also, I won't complain about the length - I guess the trimming already done must have helped. 

Thank you! Please let me know :-) 

Speaking of the technical aspect: is there any chance for the OST to be released as a DLC? It's really good and I'd love to buy it separately.

Is there any chance for a spin-off in which Constance gets a redemption arc? ;-) 

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I definitely loved the technical aspect of it: the art, the music and the interface were all beautifully done. I like to read at some distance from the screen and the font was easy on the eyes even without accessibility options (adding those in your future work would be a great thing though). 

The writing was top-notch as well. Not only did it bring a smile upon my face as I reminisced about the classics read in college, but also I found it engaging enough to warrant an 8-hour session and a case of slight tiredness at work in the morning. 

Now, the ending. Yes, I knew what I was signing up for and decided to do it despite my aversion to unhappy endings. Yet, I do have one complaint - SPOILERS BELOW. 

I think the final chapter should be about the main protagonist. At that point it's obvious what has happened and what kind of relationship the other characters have, and the exposition felt redundant and tacked-on to me. I'd rather follow Letitia to the bitter end and found out about her thoughts, no matter how depressing it may be to read. 

Anyhow, thumbs up. I'm getting Blackberry Honey now :-)           

It has the most likeable cast of characters ever. A really enjoyable and engaging experience from start to finish. I was quite surprised how dark it got at some moments but also appreciated the fact that in the end it actually made me feel good with a tint of sadness. Well done!   

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Loved it. Rarely can one see such consistently good writing throughout all the routes. I mean I have my favorites - Winnie (that toothy smile!) and then Greta a close second - but Meredith's and Virginia's were great as well. Some serious writing chops there. I don't think I have ever felt so motivated to get every ending for every character. So if the author ever feels like writing maybe a light novel, I'd be first to buy ;-) 

A good soundtrack and fantastic sprites too. 

I'm sure it won't disappoint. A different format, huh? But is it still to be a VN? I was also wondering if there is any chance for the Mizuchi soundtrack to be made available for purchase? I would love to listen to it outside the game room.

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Simply the most beautiful VN I've ever read. Really tugs on your heartstrings but in a unobtrusive, well thought-out manner. Kudos for all the endings being fantastic, including the Friendship one (although it's the Jinhai True Ending that holds a special place in my heart). Of course the music and the visuals are spectacular too. 

I love the fact that the game takes its time to develop the characters and build the atmosphere, and at the same time manages to teach you something about various cultures without getting dull. The emotional payoff later on is great. BTW, never before have I started playing at 7 pm to finish it at 4 am because I got so hooked on the story. 

Also, it's a really cool touch that even if you choose to take it slow with your partner in that significant scene in the middle of the game, your choice still contributes to the relationship in a positive way and doesn't destroy the romance. Well done :-)  

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the studio - the world needs more yuri VN novels like this. 

This would be awesome :-) I think there is definitely a lot of potential there, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for writing this stuff ;-)  

I really enjoyed it. Perfect if you want to chill reading something short and uplifting. Nice art and cute characters: it's fun to watch them grow throughout the story. Actually, I'd love a sequel about them dealing with either mundane or weird stuff at home and school :-)