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None of the scares got be because I was so absorbed in the cleaning physics

10/10 would clean again

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Man Scopophobia Studios wasn't lying, that John Doe really do be plus
I adored the updated art style, ESPECIALLY the "normal doe" backgrounds! Absolutely stellar work!

Despite my OBS butchering the quality, this game was a ton of fun! I'd love to learn more about it, and if you have any plans for any future content!
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This has got to be one of the most games of all time 

What an absolutely gorgeous game! I was blown away by the sheer quality of the art style, it honestly felt like I stumbled across a hidden gem!

I was absolutely manic during this but I still adored the atmosphere! Gotta love how it switched perspectives near the end, really nice touch

Yep! Can I send it to you on discord? I'm in your server

Hey, I'm from youtube! You commented on my latest video asking me to play, but I can't buy the game as you only accept payments from US paypal accounts

The art for this game was incredible! I unfortunately had to censor the gore, but MAN was that dog detailed. I also adored the unique mechanics lamu had in the second half, stalking rather than just barreling towards the player! It made for an unsettling atmosphere with me whipping my head around just so I could see where he moved next. Banger game, 10/10!
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An unintentionally hilarious horror game with some stellar narration and beautiful artwork! I'm absolutely playing your next game when it comes out!!

Fun game! I poked my nose into the game files and had a small laugh about what the entity was, great atmospheric tension!

I had a blast playing this! I'm an absolute sucker for analog horror and this reminded me so much of local51 and gemini home entertainment! Even the website page looks great!

An incredible game, especially seeeing as it was made in only 9 days! The bugs I encountered ended up being hilarious and added to the experience. Overall, would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a good, short game to play!

A fantastic game with jazzy chiptune and a great art style! I loved the little whispers you would hear throughout the game.

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FANTASTICALLY unique gameplay I ramble on about at the end of the video! I loved the buildup the game had, as well as the fun with coordinates. I hope I can see more games from you!