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yep he's our good boy 

juicy hints cool 

dose anyone know what song is playing when sho is crying to MC during day 18 cuz its superb and really matches the mood. So I u know the name plz tell me I try to shazam it but it's dosnt work.

Its Sooo good I love it and I cried too so much emotion and passion went into this 

lol shoichi is a good boy 😊

Mhmm it's going to be hella lit 

fuck yaaaaaaasssssssss 

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cry no update what happened?

I'm going to wait until I see the update 

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this game has the same words and it even has cunt work thats what makes it so good the character have a more real life personality and fukk isnt even a bad work and u can't just ignore the works then  

every body chill the Fuck down I text wotb and he say it going to be on the 21st so chill cuz it in two more days 

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wotb said on his interview their is going to be 3 different endings per charter rout for more info check out deckerlink interview with wotb

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probs but it might come out with the ours rout to but not as much as the characters that was chosen to update 

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it's just a normal convo  tho  on itch but it's fun talking so yeah. But got feed back cuz  this game is fantastic and has such beautiful charter  kind reminds me of my group but I like how u coded it to facial action  flow smoothly and you choose great music it really suits the game. But shoichi kiss scene end way to fast like they kiss which in so cute mad me cry but it's ends next day they definitely could have got a text and look at the time and then shoichi have MC one more kiss. Still keen for this update. love ya work 

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thanks  your a kind and beautiful person as well who makes lives better . And so true about being gay or bi cuz love is love 😘❤

Umm well he found out when they where Fucking my freind was just talking About random shit and I came up and she spill my secret then we start texting her and she said my a my freind did it again so I text him and was like what did u do with her she told me everything thing and my friend text me back she told me that u were bi sexual and was it true so I came back to my other freind and said I'm going to fucken kill you u told him I was fucken bi WTF when did this happen  so it's just like weird talking to him and once I see him in person he's going to get the talk of  life time and I found worse time to like freind die and my other freind has cancer so ended up have a mental breakdown so it was an interesting time to say the least and now he's dose not know how to act around me cuz of my shit ass life so that how it when down just fun 

To be honest I don't even know if I'm bi or gay just confused me  I have feeling more towards men but like life hard it not easy telling people your sexuality 

lucky u can tell your bi I told one person how told by best freind at the worst time when he told me my heart legit drop so far 

I'm so keen for next update wotb keep up the amazing work and happy new year's to 

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thx love your work and your freind song memories is great he's good with guitar and piano too

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thanks and the music is great for they style of the game 

any one know what name of the guy who made the music beacuse it heat and this game is fire and I think tennis ace is way better than extracurricular activities 

Samme it would be nice to chose if u r on top or bottom but at this stage no u can't chose but I recond it will eventually be add Mabey 

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is their going to more stuff added to the routes and if expand can u add more days. btw #dyne is the best thank for everything  #dyne💯