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Thanks man! You can contact me anytime🙂

Thank you! :)


Cool! Thank you for using my asset. 👍

Thank you 😁

Thank you.

Thank you! 😁

Wow, thanks!

That game looks really cool! Good job, man! Yeah, these can be used in beat em ups and vampire survival like games, even rpgs, so they're not totally limited to platformers.

Anyway, In the aseprite file, the vfx are separated in a different layer, you can set that to visible, and the other layers invisible, and export a new spritesheet with just the vfx. I haven't had the time to separate them into spritesheets manually but it is easy to do once you open the aseprite file. :)

Thank you! 

I'm not much into backgrounds but might try that when I have the time. :D

Thanks for the support, man! Happy new year! 😁

Hi, you can ask itch for a refund if the payment is less than 7 days.

Thanks man!


Thanks man!

Thank you bro


Looks good! :D

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Hi. I explained this in the release devblog. I wanted the last 3 Elementals to be a bit "rare" since the other free ones have been downloaded a few thousand times. Wind hashashin for example is downloaded 10,239 times as of now, so adding a price reduces that to just a few hundred, so they'll be seen less in other games, making them more "special".

But now that I think about it, I might change my mind in a few months/year once the set is complete. So I might make this free someday. The ones who bought will just have the advantage of using the assets first. :)

The human mode is free. For the elemental, you can watch out for sales, as I mostly participate in them. I think you just missed the 70% off on Black Friday a few days ago. 😅

Thanks, man! :)

Wow! This is really something, man! Amazing work! I love how you added some spells that fit his theme, and used the fly animation as a dash. 😁

Thanks! Yeah, I do accept commissions, if you have no strict timeline, dm me on discord with your project details and offer. 

I do juggle between 2-3 commissions most of the time, and I also have a day job now, and some itch projects on the side, and family time as well, so things might be a little slow, if you're okay with that. 😅


Sure thing, man. Use it in any way you want. 😁👍

Thank you! :D

Glad you liked it! :)


Thank you! :)

Thanks, dude! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks, man!

Thanks! :)

You're welcome! :)

Thanks! Have fun with the game asset! :)

Thank you for the continued support, bro! I really appreciate it. :D

Thank you!

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Thanks, you all deserve the spoils! A boss fight would look really cool! I might add a cast spell animation some time in the future so he can have a few more boss moves. :)


Thanks, man! The cosmic god has enforced me to spread his image. :P

Awesome! Keep it up, man! 👍