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Yes, these are limited to 32x32 size, for grid based games/roguelikes or can also be used as icons or overworld sprites. 

The other bigger sprites have a larger canvas for effects and movement.

Yes, this series will continue until the 10 elementals are completed. But at a much slower pace I'm afraid, since I'm prioritizing commissions at the moment to pay off some bills. Patreon have been removed so you don't have to pay anything while waiting... Check out this page once in a few months and I might release one or two this year. :D

Thanks, man. :D

Sure, that would be quite a challenge. You can contact me through my email ( or discord (chierit#3881) with specific project details and your offer and we'll start discussing from there. :)

Hi. You can contact me through email ( or with discord (chierit#3881) with your specific project details and offer and we'll start from there. :D

Next month's character is another monster, btw. :P

Thanks Marc! :)

Nice! :)

Thank you! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! The next Elemental, Crystal is still in the works and will be released before this year ends. The next 3 after that, Electric, Light and Shadow will be my long term projects next year. :)

Thanks! I also study other people's animation, especially in old fighting games, to get inspiration. :)

Looking good! Keep it up, man. I like the area design. The tilesets and background fit just right for the character as well. :D

Thanks! :)

yeah. That's just one 32x32 tile though. 😅

Nice! The palette swap fits the game. :)

Thanks! :)

Looks great! I like how the boss fire spells affect the whole screen. :D

Thanks, man! :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

Thanks, man! :D

Sure thing, man. Feel free to use them on any project. :)

I'll try to see if I can fit it in a schedule, but no promises.. But for now, you can use an elevator platform instead of a ladder, like most old school Castlevania games. :)

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Yeah, itch Early Bird doesn't work as they said it would, so I removed that and made a launch discount sale for a week instead. Sorry about that, I should've researched beforehand. :)

Thank you, Octavian! :D

Thank you!

Thanks! I'll be adding more characters in the coming months. :D

Thanks! Hopefully I can finish the series this year. :D

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

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Wow! The best score I've seen even after a lot of testing. Awesome job, man!

Thank you!

Thanks oluwa! :)

Awesome! :)

Cool idea! I might post a poll on that topic on Patreon. :D

Thanks! I'm glad you noticed the logo. The purple one is shadow. :D 

The last three are electric, light and shadow. The next one is supposed to be ice, but I used ice effects in the water elemental so that part is up for debate for now. Too late to change the logo though. :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks, man. :D

Wow, thank you so much for the tip! :D