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That's a tricky one as he falls down to the ground after death, and transform starts with him being up. Maybe use death, then start the transform from the fire tornado frame so it looks like he falls to the ground, fire tornado appears, and he turns to rage mode. The effects can also be separated in the aseprite file if you want the tornado effect only to play after falling down or something. :)

Do you mean death in elemental mode? You can use back2human then death animation...or maybe end the back2human animation after the flame burst to make him disappear into flames.

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :D

Thanks! I'll try to make each Elemental unique, trying out different attack patterns and effects. :)

Thank you! :D Yeah, those are his well trimmed man-beard. hehe.

That's okay... and if it helps, I do want to thank you for supporting my work and helping the series move forward.

Hahaha :D

Hi. Maybe you can request a comission for that? Or just wait...I plan to first make all ten Elementals before adding or updating the animations.. :D

Great, thank you for the bundle idea! :D

Thank you! :)

Haha, Thanks!

Thank you! I do plan to make 10 Elementals. :)

The price depends on the character sprite size, animations, etc. 

For commission details, drop me an email at :)

Hi. I have no specific timeline yet, but the next elemental will probably be released somewhere before/early October. It really depends on my time between current commissions. 

For the added animations, you can commission them if you like, you can email me at for comission inquiries. Or you could wait for awhile ..i might add a few animations here and there once I finish all of them. :)

Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I was thinking that this seems to be quite a long term project, and it might take awhile to finish all ten before making a I plan to make a bundle and sale after the release of the first 4 elementals (the primary elements: ground, wind, water and fire). Fire will be released soon, hopefully before October, and I'll make a bundle and sale at that time to celebrate the primary elementals' successful releases. :)

Hi. Thanks for using the game asset. There would be no problem as the license for all my assets are CC-BY 4.0... It means you can use it personally or commercially, even edit it to fit your game. It just need credits, but even that, I'm not very strict with it. I would actually be very happy to see these guys given life in games. :D

Yes, can be used commercially. :D

Hi, there is no death animation for elemental form but you can use back2human animation, then play the human death animation... it was designed that way so it can be used for a timer based transformation, like transform for 2 min, or until your mana runs out and you turn back to human again, etc. :)

You can contact me through my email, or my discord: chierit#3881

I don't really have a timeframe as I juggle my time between incoming commissions. :) For the next asset pack after this, I haven't really thought of that yet.

Thanks. Yes, CC attribution/CC BY 4.0 can be used commercially and can be edited in any way for your purposes, it only needs credit to the creator. :)

Thanks. I'll see what I can do when I have the extra time. :)

Thank you. Yes, when I finish all ten. It might take awhile though. But I do plan to have sales/bundles from time to time if you want the discount. :D

Thank you! Fire will definitely be next in line to conclude the first 4 primary elements. :D

Thanks, the thumbnail did disturb me too. haha. :D

Anyway, I did mention in the email that ice was a different element, but I decided to mix it with water, since they're quite similar, making room for another element, that I haven't really decided yet. We'll just see in the future. XD

Hi. Publishing to unity might require some time, because of their guidelines, etc, so I suggest, maybe you can pay me directly to my paypal: and I can email you the specific asset that you need, if you can't buy on itch. :)

Thanks Octavian! Looking forward to your game as well. :D

Thank you :)

Wow. Thank you. :D

Nice. It would be better, I think, if you could control a character, or maybe, a betting system where you bet gold on who wins each round.. :D

Thanks :)

Hi. No exact date yet but I am currently working on the next elemental. Hopefully I can publish before the month ends. :)

Sure, no problem. :)

Yes, you can. :D


Thanks for the suggestion, but I have no plans as of now. Unity is a bit strict with their guidelines, like sprites should be in prefabs with labeled animations, effects should be particles or something, etc. But maybe I'll give it a try sometime in the future? I don't know yet.

Thank you :)

Contact me on or discord: chierit#3881 for commission details. Thank you. :D

Thank you! :)