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Francisco Castro

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Hi! Yes, you can use all assets and code, but it should continue being public and available to everyone. And we'd love to be mentioned if you are going to release it someday. :) 

I think the mechanics are just not fluid, primarily the jump. And unfortunally the mechanics are generally the core of a platformer game. I was expecting a jump with a higher gravity, hehe. But great work, the art is cute and music is relaxing. 

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Thanks! I apreciate your feedback

Man, you are a pixel art production machine!


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Hi! I'm currently not developing new updates for this project, but have some planning in mind and in notes. Unfortunately, my ocupations will not give me time until next year, so it should wait a while to be done as a MVP.
Answering your questions:
> Could you post some sample music videos on youtube as the unity plugin is not working in the browser
I will definitively work on this.

> Also, when can we download this software for our own projects (Windows 10)?Probably early 2021 as a functional piece of software, but the code is open source.

> Will it have the ability to export the music as .mp3 etc files?
Yes, it will export as .mp3, .wav and .midi as soon as possible.

> Will we be able to use the resulting music in our own commercial projects?
Yes, you could use for commercial purposes. Credits are highly appreciable.

Cool! Congratulations for your always  good work :)

Hey! We're really sorry. Our team got a little bit (for not saying a lot!) busy with college and work. We have had some conversations about update and improve this game, but had no time yet, sorry again... We're working to can go back working on Overhead!

Wow, what weirdo game. I don't know if I like it very much or if I hated, but I keep playing anyway. Congrats (I think)

Hey, nice job, guys!

Really like the music, the sound effects and the tutorial, but I think the levels could be better designed. It's lacks some principles that would make player experience better.

But, at end, it's a good game, principally for portfolio and a gamejam.

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Nice game and art. Need some improvement on UX an UI, but has potential. Keep the good work!

As I've understood, each teleport has a specific movement. You should combine then for each level (there's no clear transition from one level to another).

I liked the art and the idea, needs just some improvement on interface and UI, but it's a good game (and has potential)!

Thank you!

Simple and fun, it has potential!

Really good to pass the time playing, tipical of mobile games!

Good joob

Nice game!

Love local multiplayers! A simple but good idea, I like it!

Thank you so much! We're deciding if we're gonna continue to develop Overhead, but anyway you would know. Thanks for feedback!

Hey, could you release this script? I really wanna use it on my next game. Congratulations for this project!

Hey, could you put you ld jam entry link here, please?

Thanks :)

Excelent game! So funny and challeging! I'd like to see this on app store (for mobile) as soon as possible.

Good luck and keep the good work!


Soo cute and funny! Contrats!

Sooo good. Thank you very much!

Looks nice!

I like this kind of game, but don't really get the logic to solve a level

A trilha sonora está muito boa! Haha

De pontos a comentar só me incomodei com a mecânica do pulo e de interação entre objetos, como do player com as plataformas. Quanto a sugestões, acho que um cronômetro com contagem regressiva para terminar a fase cairia bem, porque dá uma adrenalina e estímulo a mais, embora faça mais sentido em fases maiores e com mais becos sem saída. Outra coisa que agrega valor ao jogo é botar umas recompensas escondidas tipo blocos de moedas invisíveis ou caminhos para lugares secretos.


Haha, todas as observações foram pertinentes e já estavam no roteiro pra versão final, com algumas coisas a mais :)

Jajá upamos ela!

Estamos trabalhando na parte de UI e espero que melhore o suficiente para ficar mais intuitivo.

Qualquer coisa, há pequenas instruções na descrição do jogo que talvez ajudem.

De qualquer forma, creio que a versão atual está sensivelmente melhor e as próximas vão tornar as coisas mais claras dentro do jogo.

Sobre a parte conceitual que segue o tema, de fato boa parte se apresenta na animação, mas pequenas sutilezas do jogo também remetem a isso, inclusive a historinha contada que futuramente se tornará uma cutscene.

Muito obrigado pela crítica e ficaríamos muito gratos se você voltasse para jogar as próximas versões :)