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Fantastic, thanks so much! And will-do. If I succeed in making a finished product with your sprites, I'd also be happy to send a copy(s) your way! That is a loooong ways away, though haha. :)

Hi! Love the designs, bought them and are quite happy with the purchase :) Are the other free fighter characters you've uploaded also free for commercial use? Or just this pack? Thanks!

that's awesome, thanks so much! :)

Hi, these look awesome! I'm trying to put together a list of character resources for an rpg I hope to make. Is commercial use okay? I would credit you, of course. Either ways, the sprite looks great, and thanks for sharing it here! :)

Hey, these are absolutely fantastic!! :) Are they okay for commercial use...?

Wow! I can't believe you made something so cool, and then proceeded to make it FREE! This seems better than a lot of paid asset packs I've seen. Bless you for doing this! Your work is great :)

This looks absolutely brilliant!! Is development still ongoing...?