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Nic (chickenricetm)

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Hey, I downloaded the Mac version to try it out, and things were going fine till the game crashed! If you're still updating the game, how can I send the error message to you peeps?

Aww thanks! I've never tried kohlrabi before, what would a kohlrabi fairy look like to you?

Either way I hope they'll be able to work on the game together again, this was a really cute demo!

The reply to their pinned tweet actually states that they're still on very good terms, just that various circumstances have made it difficult to work on the game. Idk if you meant "falling out" as in their working relationships turned sour, but that doesn't seem to have been the case.

I had fun with this, it's a sweet little game ^^

Cute game!

<3 <3 <3 


This was somehow cute and thoughtful at the same time, not bad at all for your first finished game :)

I'm using Chrome, so it's a strange one indeed. I'll try and see if it works on a different computer!

Hey, I ran the game and the music's playing but i'm not seeing anything apart from this two-coloured box here. Fullscreen doesn't help much either. Just thought i'd let you know as there seems to be an error with your game. I'd love to play your game properly so I hope it'll be sorted out! 

Thank you, i'm glad you enjoyed it ^__^

Big same, buddy

Thanks very much! I noticed you made a game for the jam too, i'd like to check it out when i have some time this week ^__^

Thank you, bork bork!

Thank you! And indeedeth, he does B)