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Well I mean fair enough, I was just pointing out that the comment section needed to chill out, I was seeing entire threads that were filled with people throwing pictures degrading the other side of the argument in some way or another, which only served to make people angry.  I wanted the discussion to end because it had gotten to the point of people fruitlessly yelling at eachother in almost all of the threads I looked at., not the fault of the commenters mind you, it's just that political discussion is highly involved and a  system like reddit's or itch's is highly uninvolved.

If you can show me where in the game it specifically says this I'd appreciate it, All I see it doing is demeaning both sides in parody. It's highly annoying to just be playing some goofy game, look down in the comments, and see them filled with both socialist and capitalist propaganda.

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Jesus christ people, I think this guy just wanted to make a game about being stupid rich, you dont need to start yelling at eachother in the comments about socialism vs capitalism. How about we all agree this is a fun but stupid game, that isnt trying to spread any political message, and that every way of political thinking has problems. All y'all are doing at this point is making eachother angry, not having political discussion.