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Thank you for the quick reply orange! 

I did notice the small tip in the rng. Early on you can get useful items like bear traps, small keys, and explosive vials. However, if you've already rummaged through most of the crates you have access to, then what happens is that you run into a situation where you are not given the means to dig yourself out of an unlucky battle. 

Having random items in each barrel is a lot of fun! RNG for finding loot makes sense, but I think the player needs a way to produce, say, worm juice if you had a bad run in with a maneba. I love the variety that the rng provides, and think the harshness is a good part of the atmosphere, but if a guard messes me up I should have the tools to do better next time, you know? 

The later parts of the game do also get a little bit better as by this point you have a full party equipped with more than basic weaponry and a horde of accumulated stuff. Bosses also get a little better here as there's a definite "right" answer to beating them. (No spoilers) 

You've probably gotten these points from a billion different angles though so for now how you tweak the game is up to you. Keep going and thank you!

Also with regards to ending A, does only the final phase of the boss have an OHKO attack?! Woof. 

Hey there! 

I played your game on a friend recommendation. I am leaving this review because Fear and Hunger has one of the best moody atmospheres I've seen in a game, and I only want to see this game grow and improve. You're doing a great job so far both with this game and listening to your community. 

I do appreciate the oppressive atmosphere of the game, and sometimes the coin toss can add a bit of intensity to places where life and death is at stake.

However, some of the placement of the rng and what the game is trying to do feels at odds with each other.

>>But as long as you learn from your mistakes, you can quickly find yourself at the deeper levels of the dungeon.

Where this vision starts to break down is that the game doesn't grant you a margin of error that will let you learn from your mistakes. You could know to, through trial and error, avoid all the guards, rub infected wounds with green herbs, cut off dark priest arms, etc etc. But due to the lack of a reliable save system, you could make a tiny error during a battle, or miss a single attack, or lose a coin flip and you have to start the game over again. Scripted events, intro, and all.

You could also get a status effect that's slowly killing your character. You failed the coin tosses previously to find the book on how to craft the item needed to cure your character. Your character dies slowly and there's no recovering from it short of scrambling to find a walkthrough.

Another situation I ran into was getting the crow mauler 4 times in a row trying to save on the bed, just so I didn't have to create my character and go through all of the scripted scenarios over and over again. Another situation was hacking off all of a guards limbs only for his tackle attack to have the same damage as his normal attacks. (How did cutting off the limbs increase my survivability here?)

Either the game wants me to use trial and error and I am allowed to recover and learn from my mistakes, or the game has the RNG act as a point of tension but a reliable enough save system that allows you to quickly get back on your feet. If you have both, the atmosphere cracks and the game begins to feel like a chore. You're discouraged from experimenting and being creative because one unlucky turn can spell doom. 

Personally I'm fine with the one-hit kills, but I think this game desperately needs a reliable save system (start off the game with one free book of enlightenment? No crow mauler in Basement 3?) and for players to be able to craft without rng generated recipe books. This way your knowledge of the game will always allow you to prepare for encounters instead of being at the mercy of finding a book. With the above in mind, being able to miss attacks doesn't help either. I can understand a knight not being able to reach a guard's head but if every turn matters then why have me lose turns? 

Thank you for the effort you are putting into the game, and I hope that this review helps the game improve. : )

Thank you!~