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SOOO good and such a creepy atmosphere!!!

Such a unique horror game! I love the gameplay and the plot

Such a fun game and a really good story with lots of atmosphere!!!

Such a scary and great game! I jumped so many times!

This game is one of the scariest I have ever played. So much fun but absolutely terrifying

Really fun and interesting game1

This game was so much fun and so good!

So much fun and really great for Christmas!!!

Such a funny game! Had some good jumpscares as well!!!

So much fun and really atmospheric! Loved the game

Such a fun and unique game, really atmospheric!!!

So much fun and scary throughout!!! Loved the ending!

This game was so much fun and so scary!!!

So much fu n and so scary!!!

Such a good game, really nice atmosphere and puzzles!

Very nice story and really good style!

Love the style. Really atmospheric! (3rd game)

Very interesting ending...

Very fun and scary game! Had me screaming soo much!

SOOO good! Really nice atmosphere and some good jumpscares! (3rd game)

Really interesting story and good gameplay (2nd game)

A really fun game and the end scared me so good (1st game)

I played this game and it was very funny and scary, I think I may be a bit late though...

Really liked the game, amazing design and really good ambience 

I love the style and atmosphere. I got all 3 endings :)

very surreal and interesting game

really interesting story, got very intense at the end

This game was so good and it had some really good atmosphere!

This game Made  me scream and jump so many times that its not even funny anymore XD

This game was so much fun! I loved it just as much as the first one. It was so funny and had some really good jumpscares!

This game was so funny and genuinely scared me so many times!

well... you weren't kidding when you said it was short lol.

(2nd game)

Really good and had an interesting story!

(1st game)

Really good game with so much atmosphere!

(3rd game)

So glad to see this game is on the popular page!

This game was really good and the atmosphere it created made it intense as well. Keep up the good work!

I played this game and it was so good! Really creepy and an interesting story!

Such a good game! The best horror experience I have had in a long time. I'm so glad that I managed to do the first ever playthrough of it on YouTube!