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A member registered Sep 26, 2020

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Really cool game with a unique concept. 

This game looks really fun, but the swiping aspect is hard for me. IMO a regular arrow movement is easier to use.

Such a cute and challenging game! 

Very unique concept! Really enjoyed this game!

Yes I just stood there but wasn't able to talk to her. I finally finished the game. A great ending! 

Excited to see this update! I have a bug report though. I'm unable to complete the broken heart island because Curly can't talk to the mom in the windmill. So I just had her get back in the balloon but I don't know if that will affect the ending of the game. 

Beautifully detailed artwork and fun game!

Very cute and fun game!

I think I found 4 or 5 souvenirs. I will try and get to the point where the outro sequence shows up. Thanks for the tip!

Can I possibly have a hint about where to find the person to deliver the letter to? I've explored 7 islands (excluding home), but still haven't been able to complete the quest. 

Very cute game but as others said the background music makes it hard to hear the piano notes. If you can add an option to disable that it would be great.

Great! Loving the game so far!

Yes to both of those. I got stuck and had to restart my journey.

I really enjoyed this game but the windows version doesn't save the game when I quit. I found this to be quite a frustrating issue because I'm unable to get back to where I was after quite some time spent in the game. Otherwise, super cute graphics and a fun story!

I found a  bug on the broken heart island. When moving the second large box in the hidden cave, if it's moved too close to the fixed boxes, there's no way to get past it by pushing it.