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Oh nevermind It's working correctly now from an update I had to make on . It works perfectally now! :D

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I was so sad to see  that I was unable to download this game because I really wanted to make a character and play a visual novel. But unfortunally  the game keeps exiting itself out or saying that I don't have enough space on my computer. Can you please help me out.

Thank you

From a fellow person thing


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Oh...well it still doesn't work. :/ sorry if it was in a rude way

I'm sad and kinda mad because I was so excited to finally use a MMD but it had to ruin the experience with a orange and grey screen i rate this game a 2/10


This game is very VeRy VERY good and  there should be a full game! It's like a cartoon that came to life!! Story=10/10 Graphics=10/10 Drawings 100/10 :D

Okay thank you :)

For some reason mine is in spanishhh ;-;

Cute Game!