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chibi tom

A member registered Jan 24, 2022

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*claps woops and cheers* ANOTHER WONDERFUL GAME!!! WONDERFUL STUPENDOUS LOVELY!!!!!!!!! and for those who need it i found(?)  code so i'll drop it down.. im lazy


i think one might be xY07BB13Zf16 i havent checked yet, just a hunch

i think it might be xY07BB13Zf16 i havent checked yet, just a hunch

BEST THING genuinely did not think I'd enjoy it this much! at first i was thinking "ok its been years since i had any sort of attraction for any sans, though i still do really like gaster, not in any romantic sense but just as a, he's silly and dorky and cute but also spooky way. I'll play this for dadster" and by the end i was thinking "holy freaking shirtballs! i desperately need more of this! more of the story from sans's point of view! more content from after the story! just more of this!" so, yeah very much enjoyed and i truly hope you make more bonus content or more stories!

accidentally made spampton and susie get married (i tried to but turned out to be evil)

i am, fireescape

got a link?

h o w

ack i cant find the secret. can i get a hint? :p

this was adorable! here i am!

132!!!! lesgooo

couldve dropped the camera

got to wave 82 before i died! woooo

ok! Lemme know when its back up, quite like the ‘game’ its really well done 

the link seems to no longer be working?

is it still raining?

litterally no idea what the point of the crafting mechanic was, just got bored of it and stopped after a while... ANYWHO! loved the game! the characters, the story, the world building, everything! oh! and i've been looking around at comments and such and it seems you have another game? hell game i think it was? i couldnt find where to play it so i thought i'd ask since you seem very involved with your playerbase/fanbase (which sidenote i think is great :)) i actually made an itch account just so i didnt lose track of the game, thats how much i enjoyed it! anywho thats the end of my comment.