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guy i'm soo happy to see your game on steam i will buy it without doubt when he will be out, i play it on 2020 and i don't know how to say that in english but in my mother tongue i would have say "un coup de coeur" i make something like all my friend i saw in the week try this game

^^ when the new version will be out?

i'm feeling bad right now, why of all day, I decided to play your game the day I lost my creditcard... i can't play the DLC because of that.

you game is truly well written you almost make me cry at some part

look like update was an great improvement

when i'm on your home page there is a price, not on the game page but on your home page with all your work there is a price

hello i want to know where i can buy this one i saw he was at 15$ but can only take the demo version.
ps: it's DRM free? 

where i can buy the apk of your game?

y auras une version francaise du jeu?

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it's a good story, now that i read that i want more ^^

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i can't play it ;(

pas long du tout mais tres agreable a jouer

good game need more

best gift of the years thank you

i'm so happy the game is out

i can't wait too much excited

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how many level the end version will have? i want more

correction XD comme ta dis que tu voulais pratiquer XD 

le "encore" après rejouer n'était pas nécessaire si tu l'avais dis en anglais, tu aurais dis "play again" sauf que ce que tu as écris correspondais plus à "replay again", lourd. "je commence de parler espagnol!"  ça donnerais plus "je commence à parler en espagnol!". "d'apprendre l'espagnol" ta oublier l'adjectif, "et que par accident"  tu pouvais aussi dire "accidentellement" ou "involontairement" sa passais aussi.  la croix est un nom, le verbe croire se fini avec un S a la 1er personne du singulier...  et j'ai probablement fait plus de faute de français que toi en écrivant ça XD donc je pense que tu t'en sort encore très bien un peu rouillé mais parfaitement compréhensible

the colors puzzle for open B2 stairwell is too much hard or have a problem or i'm missing a information, i try counting each point of colors put them in order 5245... i counting by line how many time Red 321 Orange 011 Yellow 022 Green 212 (321011022212) i search pattern on the colors nothing work... i want to know what happen on this ship! please help me

hello i like the concept of your game but i have a problem, i can't open the icon folder, the one for save, i think? when i do that the game show me the Ye Olde building at night, i have the sound, but nothing else and i try almost every touch of my keyboard i can do nothing. I have to use the windows button for exit. I have a window 10 system. every thing else seem to work but not this