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thank you so much

I'm pretty sure I bought the game through DriveThroughRPG, will the updated sheet be available there too?

Amei, muito legal!

Não consegui todo o dinheiro para a entregadora, mas fora isso acho que fiz tudo.

Very cool game! Lovely to see you progressing.

I really like the art. Music, color palette and models come together nicely in a real "chill" vibe (pun intended). Really nice and relaxing to play through.

I like simple puzzles, so this one was right up my alley. It would make a great mobile game in my opinion. You have a very neat core mechanic ("stuff breaks") and I like the low pressure, feel-good sensation that stems from the fact the the puzzles have multiple solutions each. Most of them are also highly modular, so you get a lot of satisfaction from solving the "sub-puzzles" while working through the big picture stuff.

Hi! I missed this project, it's good to have you back!
Just played through the game and here's a few pointers.

-> I really want to play the collecting snowballs game, it feels very cool, but I'm having trouble how it would fit with this mechanic.
Having snowball sizes and a correct order to pick them could be interesting and force the player to think about how they move through the level.
Combining this game with Snake could also be interesting. A big snowman occupies many tiles and you have to play your movements carefully to not step on yourself.
Maybe something with a big snowman occupying more than one tile too?

-> You're right when you say that designing good puzzles is hard. I found most puzzles here on the easier side, but nevertheless satisfying to solve.

-> You do a great job of using the puzzle game "grammar" of first demonstrating a trick in a controlled environment so the player learns it before moving onto something more complicated.

-> I wasn't bothered by the minimal art, I think it fits the game.

-> I didn't struggle at all with perspective. The numbers over tiles worked just fine and I could play the game with no problems. You could try using more colors (deeper shades of blue?) to indicate ice column height, if it really feels necessary.

-> That said, it was a bit jarring at the second-to-last level when the camera panned in and everything became bigger. It was kinda uncomfortable and felt like the snowman was right up in my face.  And it was even stranger when it panned all the way back for the huge last level.
I think zooming out was actually a good idea, but felt super sudden after the previous zoom in. I'm ok with zooming out, but not in, the standart size is just fine, even for smaller puzzles.

-> The 3D is a big part of the game's charm, please don't do away with it.

-> The whole game feels just a bit too slow to me. The text crawls slower than my reading speed and I have to sit through it. The snowman moves just slow enough that I found myself often double-clicking tiles.

-> An undo button would be WONDERFUL. I had to replay the last level so many times before getting it wrong on the last section :(


It's a very nice game and I like it very much.

I felt like Garbage Day was sort of a slog because it never got any harder and had no ending satisfaction, as the game never ended because you won, only because you lost. This game sidesteps both issues very nicely.

Really looking forward to see what you come up with next!

Great puzzling, quick and wholesome