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ohhh so cool! <3 thank you for the answer!

is the protag female?

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Could you please mark it somewhere in the description? Steam especially as I nearly bought it there. Tag "female protag" is kinda not helpful iin this case, cause it's often used in amare games where the player can actually choose their gender T_T

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pls don't mind this psycho they are a huge troll, leaving atrocious comments on random games. Sincerely hope that your day is great and you'll never encounter nasty miserable failures like john rallahbout again

Thank you!!!

😳 oh... If you don't mind me asking, does MC x MC route means Palmier x MC Palmier? (Daym that one Cthulhu potion caused CG)

So, if I pick up Kosuke I can't romance anyone new, just flings?:(

Hi!! I'm so sorry if this is a silly question, my dumb ass really can't find the answer to it: Is there any way to see how far is 20k goal? And do Steam sales count??
I can't buy from Itchio and can't become a patron (the SWIFT system is banned in my country) sadly, but I will def buy it on steam now as for any future DLCs! 

Hi! Are you still working on this project? ::(

Hi! I'm so sorry for silly questions, is there any guide on how to achieve one of the LIs routes? I feel like I'm on Crow's route (they almost kissed) but I didn't want to be rude to any of the characters, maybe it somwhow lead me to Crow route? T_T tbh I'm still not sure if the branching started, but Crow is def the one popping into plot more. Could you possibly give us a hint when branching to the LIs routes starts? 

"it would be so cool and interesting if the MC was carrying the seed of satan's child"
I think I didn't quite get the meaning of this sentence. Did you mean like being pregnant?

and how would that even be with male MC? x_x

the secret letters in the download folder after all endings are just so... thank you for sharing this beautiful work. I think i see someone close to me in the Sweetheart, and it's enlightening to say the least. Thank you.  I hope that everyone who are suffering will find peace

Hi! Sorry, couldn't find the info, is the protag GN or a girl?


game-dev actually sprinkled some interesting spoilery crumbs a lil down below!! Quote: "Yes,Aron and Seth are romance interests  but in the  new update I will introduce another one,making it three ^^"

it's not, gamedevs literally answered it a few comments down below

Personally, I'd love to have more WLW content, but not otome or any other hetero genre, as they always were and will be the majority of VN, and I followed you specifically cause I could feel inclusivity with BL games that aren't made for fujioshi's perverted imagination (where all matered was sex)

YAAAY NEW UPDATE!! I'm such a big fan of your work guys! Man, the time truly flies! I started playing it while still being in school and now I'm graduated and going in masters degree, and I replay it from time to time. Story is really, really great, I always want more after an update xD
Gonna play rn. Thanks for the food!

can you please tell us characters' sexualities? ^^''

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Woah! You're totally feeding us well!! :DD I wonder, will the new RO be the mentioned by Agni mysterious someone who MC supposedly was dressing up for? he-he 

Such a cool game! Am I right to assume that it has 2 routes with Seth and Aron as romance interests?  👀

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I've managed to achieve both good ends but achievment "all's well that ends well" doesn't show up. More so, "a bitter end" with the staircase, too, doesn't show up so i'm stuck with only one unlocked secret instead of all three of them :(

ohh thank you! i'm terribly sorry for disturbing you, apparently i'm a blind mouse xD

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Hi!! May i ask, is there any way or chane that you'd be interested in uploading the game on steam? unforunatelly, im living in a country where there's no SWIFT system so I can't cheat my way around to pay on site, but there are ways for me to pay for games on steam platform ;_;

please help me find it :(

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This is another one of your GORGEOUS projects! Im absolutely in love with your games. This one in particular reminds me of, may i say, classics such as DMMD, it legit looks like a project of some rich company of hundreds of workers! the work you do is astonoshing!
Will it be on Steam? What about amazing music, will there be an opportunity to buy songs, maybe as DLC?

is there a way to open the game in full screen? ^^' very hard to concentrate on small-sized window and letters

The game is wholesome, the amount of work u put in it is astonishing! Loved the little interactions in the MC's abode - the way we can pester Lucy is priceless xD  
i'm sorry for spamming here but i just wanted to replay Hexed Pet Series and found that it's no longer there - will u ever repost it?

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sadly I think the only way to complete it is through being very very gracious and self-sacrificing.... (u need to take the blame on you and only u)

Hi! Sorry bor bugging u, I was wondering if there's any chance you would release this game on steam? 😅

Such a marvelous game! I really got scared of God and charmed at the same time, you have a way with words, dear author!! 

Could you possibly tell me how to achieve Liberation A, please? :)

Hi! Do you plan on releasing it on Steam when it's finished? The game is so so good, I'd love to buy it whatever the price, but unfortunately only Steam is available in my country rn lmao. So i was wondering if it's even going to be possible haha 🥲

Hi! Sorry if it sounds impolite, but I'm really curious if  there is any way to buy the game through any other methods, whatsoever? Unfortunately, SWIFT system is banned in my country, and it's a freaking hell of a pain. Do you plan to release this game on steam? (we kinda still can cheat the system and buy games there- sorry for rumbling)

Hi! I've bought it on steam. Where can I find a strategy guide there?

Will jt have a good end?👀 Or should I prepare myself for suffering and zombification?

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People who vote down on gender questions are mean and selfish :(

 I also would love the option, but only if it wouldn't tire the author(s)!

 It's nonetheless a very anticipated game on my list, thank you so much for hard work! Art is so beautiful and I can't wait to explore the game more as it progresses! Would it be okay to ask, will we have an option to be, frankly speaking, "willing character" (I believe this termin excist in yandere community?) or have a good end in general, without "fixing up" our RO/LI? I guess it's more of a twisted good end then, haha, but I'm just merely curious about possible dynamic between charas :)

p.s sorry if some sentences don't make sense, English isn't my native lang haha