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Your games are SO COOL, and this one is no expection. Thank you for making my day better!

Fun! Please continue this premise, it's a very weird one but it works instantly.

This is a fantastic game idea and I think you've executed it well except for the fact that the Mouse Sensitivity is very hard to deal with. It's like, I'm looking at the ground at regular view, so you constantly have to be moving the mouse UP. I wish there was some sort of option to change that...other than that, Fantastic.

This game feels a little too hard. I would recommend having easy only last 6 rounds and have the game not starting modifiers on enemies or send in "Speed 50%" enemies until after you've gotten your bearings. Also, maybe a preview of what's coming next? Other than that, this is a fantastic game. Maybe an option to mute the sound on the game, that would be nice.

Kinda want this to be a full length game now

Good Game

How do you pass the second "CAP" level


Level 3 has me stuck. Help? I don't know what to do and it seems impossible. little hint?

Pretty Good! Short, but good.


Good Game, Please make more

I beat it


That ending was my favorite part, besides the game of course

How do you add Level Select to your Puzzlescript games?

Cool Game.

Cute, Spooky, and Extremely Polished. If you made this into a full length game I for one would play it a lot. Good job!


This was a cool, strangely atmospheric game! Will there be more of it?

Cool! Wish there was more to it...but I like this weird little "genre" of using Pre-made rooms to explore a space rather than explore a predetermined space (see also: Allocation, Zelda Chamber Dungeons [Kind of]). Very good, please make more.

It is a bit impossible yeah

Wow that final puzzle IS kind of too hard. Can we...have a little bit of a hint? I know the objective is to gain as much time as possible, but can you at least do one "half" of the puzzle?

This is fun, enjoyable, and cute! I can't wait to play the full version!

I think I can be of assistance!
For the cliffs, there's a path after the screen with the mechanical-arm girl (I forget her name), on the left side. That gets you to the cliffs area. You can see it, along with everything else, in a map found within the "Extras" you should've gotten alongside the game. (It's in "Guide" by the way). Hope this helps!


It's not opening when I click on it; it's just opening a new window and then closing it immediately. Please help.

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Interesting Game. Very Cool. I got a "game over," I'm guessing that's the "you win" screen, right?

This is high art. This is the most experimental of experimental. Can I talk about this game on my Youtube Channel?

So, I have a question
There's supposed to be the blue chest everyday, yeah?
But I haven't gotten mine the past two days...
Is it on some kind of timer? Only for players who don't have a level-8 clam? Or is something broken?

Thank you! It works beautifully now.

I can't copy or paste anything into the text chat, and I can't tab to get the words into their correct spot

I know, it spawned by a rock, and had two trees in front of it. I should've been more specific, and for that, I am sorry.

This is cool, but sometimes the next objective is to kill the spider mech/super tank. This, of course, is how you continue on in the game; but sometimes, the spider mech/super tank will spawn in an unreachable area, and you cannot continue the run. Other than that, this game is surprisingly addicting! I love it, and would want to see more of it!


That High Observation / There is no future / They'll understand / I think you know that / it's not fantasy / get wound up in fashion and lying / that's a national past time / it's there forever

What is the secret to those Pink Panel Puzzles?

It feels like it's a fun game, but I don't know, considering I couldn't get past the first level...I got stuck on that one spot with the spikes...and you can't go under and you can't go over them...and going through them isn't an please help...

You have to make the main cursor color white, because then it can avoid hitting a block is possible, as I just did it...

How do you beat the third level?