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any jump scares in this game?

I think you can get stuck in the glassy section (if you only possess the dash, that is...)

it's on the clam

Very fantastic game

It's a little hard to control once you get the dash because you have essentially the same button tied to three seperate comands, so in the part where you have to go fast you have to hold shift, then release shift, then somehow not do the double jump when you release's weird to control is what I'm saying, just tie the double jump to something else (or the dash mechanic to something else) and I think it would be okay

Okay so now that I went back to check now the "hello" script *is* working when I leave the exit...must have been a random fluke occurrence. Weird.

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{pick {sprites-named wallFull}}{transform-sprite wallEmpty}{/pick}

{pick {sprites-named blockFull}}{transform-sprite blockEmpty}{/pick}

It's supposed to help with screen transitions (because whenever I press the switch, the block flip to their "wall" sprites, and vice versa, but this doesn't seem to occur for sprites outside of that room with the switch, so they stay in their "wall" forms even if the switch has been flipped).

Not even the simple "Hello World" script would play though.

So, after much trial and error, I have figured out that when a room's exit script is just isn't called. Or something. I don't know, point is, the room's exit script isn't working anymore!!!!! Please help

Very cool game, thanks for sharing it!

Is this beatable? I'm stuck on the blue rock...I've got every other piece of equipment I can get, I think...also, I have 6 Coins and I still can't get the blue!

I also feel this way, it's so difficult

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This is a really good game!

What the heck how can you even beat that one section with the HOMING MISSLE and you have to jump TWICE in a row

Kicking is really, really you think you could add, like, health refill points along the way (besides just the red stars that are one-time-only deals) That would be very helpful. Also, is the only way forward really kicking? Or can I do something else?

How are you supposed to beat Floor 6 it feels impossible there's just too many variables
You're supposed to do it in one take too????? It's sooooooo HARD what's the secret what's the trick

Mind bending in all the best possible ways. 10/10, the last puzzle I audibly said "Oh" to so that's how you know it's good

Cool! I love the presentation and the interesting ways the ground below you can bend, all around a very good show (of coding magic)

you basically took the original pico version and expanded upon it, well done...

wait where was it I'm having trouble finding it as well

Interesting concept, I really like these kinds of games where the level itself can be twisted to suit one's own purposes, feels like a more tightly-controlled level editor/room placer. I always love to see it.

Won but got an error message about the global "win" being a boolan value.

Very cool

Hopworld community · Created a new topic Endgame

How do you beat the game? I have every item, I have found the postcard and the ancient maze scroll, but now I don't know where to go. I do not have every map, though...I guess my question is, where does Mount Hop spawn in, or how do I beat this game?

Hey I'm confused on how to download this, there doesn't seem to be a file I can download...can you help me?

Seems like a really cool's a little disappointing that this is *just* the level editor, because you can't get a feel for the game or the way that the algorithm will try to put them together (or something). Hopefully that will be added soon though. Another thing I just thought of: how are we supposed to get these levels that we've created over to you? This looks VERY intriguing and I am very excited to see where this goes next. Keep it up!

This is a very good puzzle game, I especially liked how much details were in the crime scene...interesting concept for a detective game...

Really excited to see where this goes from here, the new boss fight feels like a good capstone to all the things you've learned at the end and I really hope this gets out in time for 2022! Here's hoping :)

Where do you go after you get the line about an urchin hiding something?

This is so cool

I feel like the game has weird difficulty spikes, where it feels like I should be getting better equipment by now, especially during the early game where depending on your equipment you can one shot skulls or skulls are terrifying. It's a fun roguelike, it's just...needs balancing...very good overall, though, atmosphere is top notch

How do you access the treasure orb in the wraith mini-dungeon?

How do you beat the "town lost to time" section

is it possible to win?

Very Fun Game! Wish there was more randomness for the cards you got from defeating each level, but still, that's a good sign because that means I want MORE out of this game! Good job, hope you update it with more content in the future!

I have no idea what to do! I've unlocked the second page, and I've gotten to the minigame where it's just like doodle jump, but I can't seem to get to the top. It's too hard and too random. Help!

Wowza I am impressed I want more of this game it's so cool and so interesting and it's literally for the people who go into the journal feature of creatures in games and just spend hours there...really cool atmosphere too.

Cool game but it's very hard...I wonder how you activate the warp zone at the end of the game however.

Very good procedurally generated Sokoban game!

Very fun