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Day 3: Harpy

Day 4: Teeth

I bought stuff

It's monster girl maker 2. You have to download the app

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Day 2: Stars

I wanted it to kind of melt together

lol I just got off work so I'll be posting it here in a few minutes

yes hun, you do

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Day 1: mermaid

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My 30 Day prompts

❏ 1. Mermaid
❏ 2. Stars
❏ 3. Harpy
❏ 4. Teeth
❏ 5. Alien
❏ 6. Broken
❏ 7. Ghost
❏ 8. Love
❏ 9. Demon
❏ 10. Sorrow
❏ 11. Werewolf
❏ 12. Glass
❏ 13. Octopus
❏ 14. Eyes
❏ 15. Insect
❏ 16. Laughter
❏ 17. Yokai
❏ 18. Wings
❏ 19. Zombie
❏ 20. Candy
❏ 21. Gore
❏ 22. Dullahan
❏ 23. Plant
❏ 24. Slime
❏ 25. Reptile
❏ 26. Robot
❏ 27. True Monster
❏ 28. Cyclops
❏ 29. Favorite Type
❏ 30. Free Choice









I'm gonna make the sins as imps cos why not


t h a n k s ?

Yeah, in order to post it, it has to be saved in your gallery


I decided to make myself, with my cringy blue anime hair

thanks, love~

Ghoulkiss made a second game, it's on the app store

It's Mawile lol

It depends on the platform you're using

Beauty is pain.

Absolutely precious


This is Lydia Volm.

beautiful. ❤️

I have a challenge for all of you.

First, take a word. any word you like. for example, "Stripe". This is going to determine what your character can and cannot have. Since my word is stripe, my character can only have clothes and accessories that are related to stripes. You're going to work more with this later.

Then, choose 1-3 colors. I chose blue, white and purple. You can use any variation of the color(s) you choose.

Next, take a playlist of your choice, hit shuffle, and the mood of the very first song (no skipping, you cheater) is your character's mood. For example, if the song was upbeat, your character would look happy and light. I got a calm, pleasant piano piece.

Now that you have your word, your colors and your mood, bring your character to life and post your results. 

I asked my sister what sort of monster or creature I would be and she said a Nymph.

Meet Melanie. Guess what her deal is.

This is Mason. He's a trans incubus, and he's just kind of a buttchicken.

This is Maxine, or just Max. Four-armed Candy Goth bad*ss.

;w; tje colors hurt my eyes to look at but i stared longer. It's like looking into the sun; it's painful but you do it anyway because why not lol

For the latest version, if you're changing the body type, they have clothes specified for each. If that's not your issue, you might have to reset the application...

Eu amo a cor!