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Cherry Saint

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That would be fun. I wouldn't be opposed to it :D

Oh good question. The list of music. 

Chill RNB Trap Music - vizion-studios 
Trap Chill - 11thelement.
Deadly Star - Mamalio 

Also, thank you for reminding me, I need to add those to the credits on the next patch.

Would you like to see a female player option?
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Possibly. I added it to my "Upvote Content" post, and it'd have to be upvoted by multiple people to encourage me to add it. 

Would you like to have more fun with Cherry Saint ?
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Would you like to see a Futa option?
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- Zip file is an excellent suggestion I will add on the next update!
- Female or Futa or more main characters would be awesome. I'll mark that down and see how the game does before I expand the different kinds of avatars.