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Take your time!! It's better that you are proud of the final product than you rush it 

This is really fun! I can't figure out how to export my drawings though :0 

The game is still in production, they release a new build to the public every so often but if you join their patreon they have more updated versions i think

This is super cool! What game engine did you use?

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Disturbing in the best way, and also unexpectedly funny. I felt really bad having to choose between the two brothers. Has lots of potential. Looking forward to the full version :)

they were being a dick basically :/

go back to 4chan 

I really enjoyed this game! Simple and effectively spooky. The sounds were great and really enhanced the experience. You have a fresh concept and story going on here, too. I like how you give the player enough information for them to be immersed but also don't explain so much that it loses the mystic, supernatural atmosphere. The one thing I would have liked to have revealed is what the player looks like at the end, but that's just me. Nice job :)

it's in the math room

Absolutely love what I've seen so far... The story, foreshadowing, subtlety, and world building  is great and I can't wait to play the complete version. The concept is creepy on its own and you managed to execute it both effectively and creatively. 

damn this is epic bitch