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man i love it, surely this won't haunt me before i sleep

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i rejected him out of spite😌 im sad this is not a path we can choose because it's kinda sick ngl. aren't we 9?💀

and tbh i also wish for an mc who wants to die just to lay the message "whatever your scheme is, fck you and you will not use me for it"

oh and about your necklace theory, idk i don't think it work like that. it may be that we just hit a bad ending and rewind to the last checkpoint, because mc didn't mention about it. but u may be right about foreshadowing

it's alright lol i know how it is on twitter

no, im talking about the people who downvotes positive comments about the game

the homophobes are kicking the air rn

anyway, love it. beautiful women. yes. i like.

i occasionally asked hakkon what he remembered just to read the hilarious pop pop pop and nom nom nom. i love him and i will never get rid of him and i will help him to find a perfect breeding partner and possibly find a home for his people. fck u arthur we aren't getting rid of my guy hakkon

ok not to be dramatic but like, i would die for pixie.

before i downloaded this and read the description i was like, oooo yesss revenge im gonna be super villain and tear down every relationships and corrupt every characters. but nooo i can't do that to those sweet girls😭 and then i also saw pixie's adventures omg that was so frickin cute, i have decided that she's my baby now. anyway great job, im still halfway through these 3 leads. haven't noticed any bugs or some sort, a very delightful gameplay. thank you, amazing work you have here


i bit those mfs and i wanna do it more. can't wait for more!!!

aww my heart... it's bursting

but i spent an embarassing amount of time to figure out the last wordsearch (F--------). i even took a pic of it so i can see better and still couldn't find it for so many loops lol. abel waiting for me like "take your time:)" i was taking my sweet time ok

amazing game, love it<3

thank you!! Works well now

Idk if im impatient or my laptop just too old for this game, but i can't seem to progress with the horse.... it just freeze when i interact with them..

Just played chapter 2. Looking great, more interesting, though i haven't tried the other two escape paths for now (I'll come back later). A bit annoyed by viel tho, but i love grumpy cat lol

looking forward for chapter 3! <3

Just noticed we have the same name lol

Love your writing! Been keeping up and checking ur page when i had the time. Just gonna say i will miss naming saves with "ZIRYAN YOU MF" and such cuz he keep appearing in our private moments😭☝️i do like the new saves name tho, it reminds me which route that save is since i am an avid savers(?)

Thank you again for this amazing IF❤️

God that was so good... The conversation with Tlan, with Kor (idk how to spell lada), it was written so good. You're amazing. thank you for this short yet beautiful work

.... where is two👀

Yall down bad, just like me😌☝️


the music, the writing, the story, the character customization- you're awesome i love you.

A good game, but I experienced a thing that I feel like should be illegal😭

As I was playing, I misunderstood a fancy sword's description. I sold my standard sword and bought that one since it was only 2 square instead of 3. Apparently it only has 2 use in one battle so I was baffled like wtf how should I beat them then. There were 3 enemies, and I defeated 2 of them. There was one left. It was a slime.

And it has healing ability that grows every turn🧍🏻‍♂️ I forgot scratch was a thing until it healed 27 hp per turn🧍🏻‍♂️so basically it was an endless battle because the slime keeps healing and healing even more and i was just there scratching it🧍🏻‍♂️


I have unlocked all endings and now idk what to feel🧍🏻‍♂️

It was amazing experience, don't get me wrong. I love every moment of it. Samael got really serious issue and I recommend a therapy for him(;ŏ﹏ŏ) 

I really want to see Danielle pov though.


Really thought samael would still marry her at that one ending and maybe platonic relationship with andrew💀but good for her that they didn't. 

I also want to know if Danielle really cheated or not. There's not much to see from her side so I got curious.

So anyway great game!! The inner voices got me really scared cuz i played this at 2 am but still love it!! Great work( ◜‿◝ )♡


Thank you for the update! I hope u have a good day everyday!

The anxiety really punch me in the gut even tho I don't really know our backstory, and the countdown doesn't help😭 I love it, thank you for the game!

damn comment below me:) 

This looks promising! I'm craving for text-based IF recently and I'm so glad i found this. Can't wait for the whole thing! Veran already charmed me🧘‍♀️

oh god i can't wait for the full game to pet the wolf

Man, i fell hard for Neferu. Idk what else to say😌 

Me am not good with words so me gonna agree with everyone in this comment section ☝️

Great work, this is

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Best freaking thing i could've done to end this hellish year of 2021.

with xyx's laugh and the sound of fireworks, i have no regrets in life.

anyway such a god-tier game, i can't believe you let me play this without paying. I can't even pick favorite between them boys because they're all really well-written and relateable in some ways. AND THE ARTS, GOD BLESS YALL WITH SUCH DELICATE HANDS!! I love everything about this!! story-wise, visuals, and the UI (i guess that's what it called? idk about this stuff well). 

i love you all who had their hands on this amazing works, i wish u all the best shit in this world.

and i'll always remember xyx's biggest 



love <3

wait hold on im editing this bcs i can't believe i did not deliver my special thanks for VOICE ACTORS OMGGG HOW YALL SO GOOD ;0; you guys make the characters even more real and alive <3 I particularly like biglady's, her voice just stick in my brain.

oh god I thought i'm the only one with this problem. no matter how fast i press it, it just won't work....

It was a great experience! I love it so much! Can't wait for the updates!!

I have questions ✋

I downloaded this in my android, when the update is out, do i need to download it again? How about my saves? Sorry this is my first time downloaded a game from so i don't know anything🙏

The quest journal doesn't show quest past becoming a fixer, is it really like that or it'll be fixed later? Because i tend to forget my should i do after i walk around

Also i would like to ask if u can make the clickable items more ... Highlighted? My forgetful ass really spent maybe almost a month and half in haven cuz i didn't remember i can click things😭 and maybe inventory bar in diary too, to see what we had collected?

That's it for now. It's really a great game

oh my god this is so good! great works! can't wait for part 3!!

no no no don't apologize for such a good cliffhanger lol. keep me on my toes and makes me wondering what's gonna happen next. you're doing great!

oh god just when it's about to get even more exciting, it ends:((( i love it so much, can't wait for the updates!

Bro??? this is so good?? gosh i love every part of it! Everyone are so lovable (even lily, but idk about cerri yet). I'm looking forward for the updates!!

I'm loving it already. can't wait for more

nah im glad as hell i didn't have to fight it cuz i almost got bonked by golem:') I can't wait for Jeanne's psycho side, and I hope she will be confident about her actual ability later

Side quests would be fun. Take your time! We'll be here waiting for u~

I finally played chapter IV and I loved it! you're doing a great job, don't worry;) Mao and Lianna's little fight were cute lol I feel for Jeanne XD I kinda want to see Jeanne's other side more often lol. and I might gonna love the staff-like monster, though I was worried it would be so strong like the lich and i would have to fight it ;; I can't wait for the next chapter! ^^

it was so great and damn relatable. Can't wait for more

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if u see my previous comment, nevermind that cuz it works now lol. it just took so long to load, i thought there was a problem

I haven't play it but- 


Kinda interesting. I'll wait for the update!

If u use mobile, just scroll down on the upper right part. It's below the main menu and stat