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Just as a disclaimer: We are aware that controller support is breaking on some PCs. We're currently very busy on other projects, but we will look into this in due time. In the meantime, we suggest using something like JoyToKey if it is breaking for you. 

We censored the "R word" specifically because it's derogatory. It's a joke Kayin regrets making now (and would have patched out of the game himself) but it's in the game as an option for the sake of preservation which I feel is the best compromise (he approved this too). The usage of shit is incredibly minor and it's not offensive really so I don't feel it really needs to be accounted for.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Very small micropatches like a very rare bug with the bomb where it would clip through the floor if you did something unintentional and unhelpful. Nothing super important.

Also, Gaiden isn't really a full game yet (and probably wont ever be) so I don't think there's really too much of a reason to remaster it