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I really love the casual representation of trans folks. Like, its not that improtant to the story, and that's okay, because being trans doesnt have to be a defining thing, it can just be who they are. Amazing game, as per usual.

Wow, tysm!

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Here's my playthrough

The only thing negative that I have to say about the game is that whenever you get the Friend and the Love endings, you get the line "I would love to keep in contact with a friend" (or something like that) and I feel that you should get a different line because when I played through this it felt weird to have him say friend when he loves us. Anyway, amazing game

Wow, thank you for sharing!

I loved it so much that I had to feature it as the first ever game on my youtube channel. Enjoy!

Cool, thanks!

@jp I can only find 3 correct ingredients??? I have the apples, the eggs, and the chives, and it wont let me select the ooze. What do I do?

Sorry, I wasn't very clear

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Very cute and helpful. It was very simple and self explanatory. The only thing that I would suggest is in the "take a break" mode that the liquid inside the cup acts as a timer. Like it goes in a circle and pieces of the circle disappear as time goes on. I was very confused because I assumed that would happen and then, aside from the text countdown, I had no idea what the time was.

AHAHSUDDUD this is such a cute game, the art is adorable and amazing, the choices and endings are so sweet and feel very real, and I just love this game. I've gotten all 3 {I think there's only three} endings and I am in love. Please keep making games.

Very cute and simple game. I love the aesthetic and characters, too cute!

Very cute game

You should make each scenario an ending.

I really love this game. The system of how to win was really easy to get and the fusions were adorable. I only have 2 real complaints...

1. The "end": I wish that you could go back and fight older opponents after you beat the demo instead of just being soft locked out of the game.

2. I still don't really understand how the fusions do or do not work. What card beats out what. What fuses. A little bit confusing.

Still very cute. 8/10 game.

TL;DR: It's a good game

Beautiful graphics, very funny, lovely rouge-like game. I love how you handle such an adult topic and jokes with such a cute palette. I can't wait for the full version, and tell everyone on your team that you've done a bloody good job. 

The pig king was a tad easy but it was as to be expected for a tutorial level. My only complaint was that with the pig king, if I were ever behind him, I thought that I could get closer to him than you actually could (I thought that you could go behind his sprite because in a 3D world there would be space back there) and was very confused as to why I was taking damage. That is just a me thing though and I really don't expect it to be "fixed" or to even affect anyone else at all. 

I have no doubts that this will make it mainstream, on consoles like the switch. Just have fun and keep working hard. 10/10 game