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Random question: Is it loom-poh, or luhm-poh, or some other pronunciation.

Ah, thank you!!

I'm currently stuck on the loop just after the one where she resets time after she realizes that you know about the loop. Any hints? (It's the one where your guardian says to do nothing)

I really love the casual representation of trans folks. Like, its not that improtant to the story, and that's okay, because being trans doesnt have to be a defining thing, it can just be who they are. Amazing game, as per usual.

Wow, tysm!

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Here's my playthrough

The only thing negative that I have to say about the game is that whenever you get the Friend and the Love endings, you get the line "I would love to keep in contact with a friend" (or something like that) and I feel that you should get a different line because when I played through this it felt weird to have him say friend when he loves us. Anyway, amazing game

Wow, thank you for sharing!

I loved it so much that I had to feature it as the first ever game on my youtube channel. Enjoy!

Cool, thanks!

@jp I can only find 3 correct ingredients??? I have the apples, the eggs, and the chives, and it wont let me select the ooze. What do I do?

Sorry, I wasn't very clear

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Very cute and helpful. It was very simple and self explanatory. The only thing that I would suggest is in the "take a break" mode that the liquid inside the cup acts as a timer. Like it goes in a circle and pieces of the circle disappear as time goes on. I was very confused because I assumed that would happen and then, aside from the text countdown, I had no idea what the time was.

AHAHSUDDUD this is such a cute game, the art is adorable and amazing, the choices and endings are so sweet and feel very real, and I just love this game. I've gotten all 3 {I think there's only three} endings and I am in love. Please keep making games.

Very cute and simple game. I love the aesthetic and characters, too cute!

Very cute game

You should make each scenario an ending.

I really love this game. The system of how to win was really easy to get and the fusions were adorable. I only have 2 real complaints...

1. The "end": I wish that you could go back and fight older opponents after you beat the demo instead of just being soft locked out of the game.

2. I still don't really understand how the fusions do or do not work. What card beats out what. What fuses. A little bit confusing.

Still very cute. 8/10 game.