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I've been playing the game for a day now, and I got to the end where Monika changes the script. but i cannot find the game anywhere in my files so-wtf am i supposed to do?

Rusty Lake do be pretty creepy though, I love it. You feed my inner art demon

I feel like maybe adding some interactive features, maybe people too would make it better. being able to go farther and adding some more beautiful landscapes

I think Rusty Lake is the only game series I've ever actually been able to continue playing. The stories are creepy, horrific in a way that it intrigues me. I get excited every time a new game comes out, and sad when I finish it within the same day..but I hope your games continue to be made, and maybe one day there will be a Paradox movie :)

I think this is a great game! Very relaxing, but i wish you'd be able to do a little more activity wise. I feel like having people added would make this experience even better. 

this is cute :)