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Yep, that's me! And your welcome! I'm so excited, I'll definitely be back to share my thoughts after it's out. Thanks for all your hard work! <3 

Thanks so much for replying! I have now purchased through PayPal the pledge that gets me the walkthrough, so I am one happy girl! :D I can't wait for the game to be released now, thank you! However, don't feel like you have to rush, I'll wait patiently! ^.^ 

It might be fun to make some predictions about who's going to end up being my favorite in Bermuda, based on the demo,  so... here I go! I might totally have a thing for the "jerk with a hidden heart of gold" type that ends up slowly liking and caring about the MC *cough Reksa *cough* so with that in mind, I think I might end up liking Arya the most. So far he's been a jerk and is so moody, I love it and can't wait to see how that plays out. >///< That being said, there was something about Guntur that had me intrigued, and I found myself going for him first in the demo, so I can't wait to see what happens there. He might end up being my second favorite, depending on what happens; we'll see. ;) But I'm also excited to see what's going on with Kah'lil. He's so cute, happy, and different, though you can tell it seems that he's hiding something darker beneath the surface, so that's bound to be interesting. He'll still probably be below Arya and Guntur on my list, but that doesn't mean I won't like him! And who knows, I might get surprised and my list might be different than I think (kinda like Rama, liking him so much that he almost displaced Reksa as my favorite came as a surprise). But the antagonist route... that one is a mystery to me. Depending on how much of an evil jerkface he is in the other routes, I might think I don't like him and find it hard to start his route at first. But I must play all the routes, so I know I'll have to do his route eventually. However, as I might have already mentioned, I do have a thing for jerks with a heart of gold, and he's probably definitely a jerk. I'm just not so sure about the heart of gold part. >.< He's probably the misunderstood jerk that had some trauma and is now taking things to far, and it's up to the MC to make him see the error of his ways, which also sounds like it could be a fun route. haha (I should also mention that I really like the personalities of both the MCs Tamara and Maya. They're so spunky and fun, yet determined to do what's right. I love them. <3)

So as for my list, hmm.... I know that the order I'm going to be playing them in is Guntur, Kah'lil,  then Arya, and then obviously the antagonist last. There's just something about Guntur that makes me want to play him first, and since I think Arya will probably be my favorite, I want to play him last (not counting the antagonist, of course). But as for which I think will be my favorites, in order, I think it will probably be Arya, Guntur, then Kah'lil. And then the antagonist last maybe, depending on how much I like his personality, I'm not really sure about where he'll be. So yeah, that's my predictions. You know now I'm going to have to come back after the game is released after I get a chance to play all the routes to tell you my actual list of favorites and if it was close to my predictions, as well as my thoughts on the story and how much I liked it. So expect my future comment! :D 

Hello! So before I ask my question I just want to tell you how much I loved your first game Winged Ones and how much I am excited for Bermuda! :D In Winged Ones, I like how deep and meaningful the routes got, yet still somehow were also lighthearted and funny (Reksa and Rama are still kinda tied for which is my favorite, but I think Reksa might be winning by a little bit :p  But don't worry I also liked Mitra too). And in Bermuda's demo, I liked how the story already seems deeper and more intense, but still has your humor to make us laugh. :) And the art is really good too! I also really appreciate your weekly updates, it's so nice to know what's going on, and how you're progressing. So many other developers don't update frequently or at all and leave us in the dark, so it's nice to actually know what's going on (also, I like reading the little updates about your life ^.^). 

So onto my question. I always tend to play games with a walkthrough. I do like the branching paths and multiple options, I just also like knowing which options lead to which endings. My poor little heart can't take bad endings :( And getting anything other than the best ending leaves me feeling unsatisfied like I could do better, so then I spend way too long and get stressed trying to figure it out myself. Maybe that makes me sound lazy? I don't mean to sound lazy or entitled, it's just having a walkthrough makes me have a much less stressful and anxious time trying to choose the right answers for a certain route, especially if the answers aren't that straightforward, so I can enjoy the experience more. So now my question is, I noticed that you said you'd only give a walkthrough for those that paid the pledge on the indiegogo page, so I was all set to pay it so I could get the walkthrough, but then I noticed that it was closed. D: Is there any other way to pay to get the walkthrough or am I too late? 

But don't worry, even if I am too late and will be sad I can't get the walkthrough, I will definitely still buy and play Bermuda, I'm so excited for it. I guess if I'm too late to get the walkthrough, I'll just have to spend the time figuring it out myself and hope the right choices for the best endings will be obvious. Sorry for the  wall of words... >.< Much love (and anticipation) from the US! <3