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Thanks so much! I just did a playthrough of all the routes and only managed to get the good ending for Richard, and that's only because someone already posted the choices for his good route, haha. I'm so glad I won't have to wait another couple weeks for all of them! :)

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So I've been impatiently waiting for you guys to finish fixing the bugs in Romeo's route so I can play it because this game looks really good and I already love what I've been able to play so far. But I absolutely  CANNOT get the good/best end for Romeo! I only manage to keep getting the bad end and the normal end! I've spent literal hours replaying his route with varying choices and managed to get a few new scenes here and there that excited me at first because I thought it would finally lead to the good end but nope. Normal end again. I think I've managed to work out exactly which choice leads to the bad end. When Juliette and Romeo are at Julie's house to get her measurements, every time I've chosen "Ew... not another romantic movie" I eventually get the bad end. As long as I avoid that one, every other combination of choices I've gone through with the other option "It might bore them enough to leave", I managed to avoid the bad end. But still no matter what other combination of choices I choose besides that one, it always lead to the normal end. I'm very frustrated now. I've spent hours on this. It shouldn't be this hard, I've tried so many different choices! Please help me get Romeo's good end, I'm gonna go insane.