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"funky and annoying"


How'd ya do it? I still can't get it-

Man people be makin' complex beats huh-


never made a lick of music in my life, this is good stuff though

Same here : /

Nothing I've tried has worked, it happens in all locations, saving/not saving after you get the pass doesn't work either, nor saving/not saving in the new location

Actually very wholesome and thoughtful! "Realer" stuff like this is underappreciated.

Bloody incredible! Only bugs were superficial, except for the one in the tank.

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Has this update been applied to the browser version? I've played through what I recall to be the whole game, and I see nothing different, except for an extra game over screen.

EDIT: Never mind I'm stoopid

hehe that was funni

That's neat af! Love the vibe, can't wait for more!



that was really cool

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*immediately clicks the clock*

...In all seriousness I love this tho

Found a glitch where you fall through the ground after descending that hill of snow, following the third dog.

I have... literally never been more excited for an update to a game in my life.

Thanks! It’s also worth noting that the “Sludge Wilds” woman did spawn in, I was just somehow looking in the wrong place.

I can’t argue with logic like that.

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Sorry for another bug report so soon, but I just restarted the game after maxing everything(?) out, and upon restarting it, I've found that I have the same amount of health that I did in my previous playthrough. Not as in I'm missing health, but in that I have more than I should. Progressing further I've found that the dialogue didn't reset either, upon talking to Tunnel Greg he gave the "My mind's folded in upon itself" line instead of the usual introductory cutscene. I've also found that (I forgot her name sorry) the "Sludge Wilds" woman and her camp didn't spawn in. Tara's dialogue did reset, same for all of the other Deep Town residents. I didn't retain any of the upgrades, so that was fine. In summary I think the only problems were the health, Tunnel Greg's dialogue, and the "Sludge Wilds" woman. Also in the previous playthrough, I fell into the sludge near a sign (not one of the readable ones, it was like a stop sign) and instead of being spawned back to safety above it, I kept spawning in it so that I had to exit the game and respawn at the previous checkpoint. Sorry again for the bug dump, I'm sure you've heard most of these already. Chrome on a cheap Chromebook again, for the platform.

EDIT: Upon restarting the game again, everything's reset.


I'm not going to pretend I understand what any of that means, but thanks for working on fixing it so quickly! I didn't really notice any lag in the Wastes, or anywhere else for that matter.

So I was just doing the second Richter fight, as you do, when he gets stuck in the wall on the right side of the arena. I use up all of my laser eye shots on him and he curls into a ball, which I've seen happen before. Was that intentional? Anyway, I punch and kick him a couple times and he falls off the side of the arena. The camera follows him down, but stops midway through the stairway beneath the arena. I try to move and follow him down, but I'm stuck between the walls of the arena I guess? I can't see Valentine or Richter. I exited the game and thankfully it went back to my checkpoint, but just thought you might want to know. Also, really excited to see where this goes in the future, I've been here for a while. Great game! Just has a bug. Oh I was running the game on Chrome btw, on a cheap refurbished Chromebook.

That was... disconcerting.

Ooo a new game from the tea man

Well, I'm satisfied.

I have a shitty chromebook that can't run the original version, and this works fine, so thanks! Although week 5 still has too many background animations, so the arrows don't even show up on my side.